Entrepreneurship in Middle East

 التغيير بين يديك.

Lending to Entrepreneurs is a Powerful Catalyst for Positive Change:

  • Empower women to build financial independence, strengthening families and communities.
  • Support the ever-growing entrepreneurial spirit of youth, brightening the region's economic future.
  • Grow small businesses, generating regional employment.
  • Create new opportunities for business development, unlocking each micro-entrepreneur’s potential.  

The power to make a change is in your hands . . . one loan at a time. 

How Does Kiva Work?

  1. Use your free trial.
    Choose a borrower you want to support with your $25 free trial loan. You must be a new user to qualify for free trial.
  2. Follow your loan.
    You'll get updates about the progress of your loan, including repayments made.
  3. Make a new loan!
    Repayments on this loan go back to Grameen-Jameel, but you can get in on the repayment fun by backing a borrower with your own $25
About Microfinance
Safe, affordable capital to those in need helps people create a better life for themselves
The Story of a Kiva Loan
Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

About: Change Is In Your Hands

Kiva and Grameen-Jameel Microfinance Ltd. combine Kiva's technology-driven innovation with Grameen-Jameel's deep microfinance and regional expertise. The "Change Is In Your Hands" campaign is an important step in a long-term alliance to raise awareness, drive action, and empower entrepreneurs in the Middle East and beyond en route to a less impoverished and more connected world. Loan profiles presented from this page are posted only by Kiva Field Partners in the Middle East with Kiva Star Ratings of 3 stars or above. Loan profiles of other borrowers worldwide can be found at Kiva.org/lend. 


Grameen-Jameel Microfinance Ltd. is the first social business in the Middle East and North Africa.  

Grameen Jameel was established as a company in 2003 and incorporated in 2007 as a joint venture between Grameen Foundation and Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives.

The company’s mission is to help alleviate poverty by providing financial and technical assistance to microfinance institutions in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey Region (MENA&T).