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Partner description:

d.light is a global social enterprise delivering affordable solar-powered solutions designed for the 2 billion people in the developing world without access to reliable energy. It provides distributed solar energy solutions for households and small businesses that are transforming the way people all over the world use and pay for energy. Through 10 field offices and four hubs in Africa, China, South Asia and the United States, d.light is dedicated to providing the most reliable, affordable and accessible solar lighting and power systems for the developing world and reaching 150 million people by 2020.

A unique lending approach:

For d.light, Kiva loans will help its small-scale distributors access greater amounts of products to sell and scale the business to reach more people. Since d.light provides financed payment solutions for its customers, more liquidity will allow for more flexibility and stability. Kiva is helping d.light distribute more products and put them into customers' hands, and thus helping them obtain access to energy through the financed model.

Repayment Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Start Date On Kiva Apr 30, 2020 Oct 12, 2005
Total Loans $1,300,000 $1,609,079,370
Amount of raised Inactive loans $100,000 $859,175
Number of raised Inactive loans 1 756
Amount of Paying Back Loans $400,000 $165,318,825
Number of Paying Back Loans 5 202,818
Amount of Ended Loans $800,000 $1,442,901,370
Number of Ended Loans 11 1,907,547
Delinquency Rate 16.67% 17.21%
Amount in Arrears $60,000 $17,834,956
Outstanding Portfolio $360,000 $103,633,584
Number of Loans Delinquent 1 75,528
Default Rate 0.00% 1.71%
Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted $0 $24,705,555
Number of Ended Loans Defaulted 0 61,798
Currency Exchange Loss Rate 0.00% 0.40%
Amount of Currency Exchange Loss $0 $7,011,687
Refund Rate 0.00% 0.59%
Amount of Refunded Loans $0 $9,486,100
Number of Refunded Loans 0 8,846

Loan Characteristics On Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Loans to Women Borrowers 52.63% 77.44%
Average Loan Size $76,471 $392
Average Individual Loan Size $76,471 $600
Average Group Loan Size $0 $1,805
Average number of borrowers per group 0 8
Average GDP per capita (PPP) in local country $10,800 $5,673
Average Loan Size / GDP per capita (PPP) 708.06% 6.91%
Average Time to Fund a Loan 5.15 days 8.07 days
Average Dollars Raised Per Day Per Loan $14,846.86 $48.58
  Average Loan Term 4.89 months 11.36 months

Journaling Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Total Journals 10 980,751
  Journaling Rate 61.54% 42.28%
  Average Number of Comments Per Journal 0.00 0.03
  Average Number of Recommendations Per Journal 0.00 0.67

Borrowing Cost Comparison (based on 2009 data)

    This Field Partner Median for MFI's in Country All Kiva Partners
  Average Cost to Borrower N/A N/A 26.41% PY
  Profitability (return on assets) -6.18% N/A -0.56%
  Average Loan Size (% of per capita income) N/A N/A 11.35%

Country Fast Facts

Field Partner Staff

Binagwaho Gakunju
Anshul Gaur
Olivier Motard
Olivier Motard