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This World Refugee Day, support refugees in your community and across the world with a small loan.

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Irene’s story

Imagine dropping everything you have and leaving it all behind. There are 80 million refugees, like Irene and her family, facing that reality right now.

Irene started a clothing shop at the Kenyan refugee camp she lives in. When she first opened the business, she didn’t have much inventory to sell. But a Kiva loan changed all of that, helping her buy more to sell more. 

Refugees like Irene have trouble getting loans because banks think they’re high-risk. But Kiva’s not a bank—you can provide opportunity today.

Support a refugee

100% of your loan goes to the field.

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Nearly 80 million people are displaced from their homes today.

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The Kiva community has lent over $20 million to refugees so far.

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Nearly 24,000 refugees have been supported by Kiva loans.

More than a refugee


Kiva Board Chair, Egypt / U.S.

“To be a refugee is not an identity. It's a broken circumstance that happened to a person. It can happen to anyone.”


Borrower, Somalia / Kenya

“At first we couldn't adapt to the lifestyle in Kenya, but now I have and I'm happy... [After my loan], I felt encouraged. I can plan better to expand my business."


Borrower, Jordan / U.S.

“Refugees have to either put their family in huge danger, or they have to leave. Those people are engineers, well-known doctors, they are fathers and mothers.”

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