What do Kiva Interns do?
Where are Kiva Interns located?
Why intern with Kiva?
How do I apply?
What happens after I complete my Kiva Internship?

What do Kiva Interns do? 

Kiva Interns dedicate 6 months to working part-time at Kiva’s Offices in the United States. Interns are placed with teams throughout the organization based on their skills and abilities. It is the role of the Internship Program to determine where you will best fit within the organizations. Kiva interns have worked in:

  • program management
  • marketing and communications
  • community support
  • product management
  • development
  • microfinance partnerships
  • engineering
  • and much more!
No matter the role, the program’s focus is the same: to provide a great career development experience that leverages interns’ existing talents and enables them to hone new ones.

Where are Kiva interns located?

The majority of Kiva Internships takes place at Kiva’s Headquarters in San Francisco. However, we do have a limited number of intern positions out of the Kiva office in New York City. These positions are focused on working with development and Kiva Zip. 

Why intern with Kiva?

Great Professional Development
  • Explore different career paths in a low-risk enviroment
  • Skill-building workshops and resume reviews hosted just for interns
  • Network of over 300 Kiva Intern Alums
  • Opportunities to move into a new industry and gain new skills
  • Connect with mentors who will inspire you and help you achieve your goals
Exciting Learning Experiences
  • See how a non-profit works
  • Attend regular presentations by Kiva staff members about their roles at Kiva and their career trajectories
  • Learn about the world of microfinance
Fun Social and Cultural Enviornment
  • Regular intern bonding events (breakfasts, lunches, happy hours, off-site adventures)
  • Great start-up atmosphere
  • Dog-friendly office and free snacks
Make a difference!
  • Be a part of a team that is connecting people through lending to alleviate povery
Be sure to check out this blog post written by Kiva Interns about their experience!
"Being an intern with Kiva is one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences a young professional can undertake. The caliber and work ethic of the Kiva community is inspiring and will undoubtedly inspire you to test your limits and push yourself in a number of ways." - Former Kiva Intern, 2014

How do I apply?

The application is now open for Kiva's second internship class of 2016. For the most up to date information about the current hiring cycle, please visit the Internship Application Guide.


What happens after I complete my Kiva Internship?

It is
 important to note that internship positions do not turn into staff positions at Kiva. If there is a position that becomes available at the time a volunteer is working at Kiva, we would consider current or former interns as we would any other applicant applying externally. We've found it is important to set expectations appropriately very early on in the discussion with potential interns. That said, Kiva invests in the preparation of interns for their next opportunity, whether at Kiva or elsewhere.

To learn more about Kiva's Intern Alumni community and what previous interns have said about their experiences, visit the Intern Alumni Page.


Kiva welcomed its 17th class of amazing interns on January, 21st 2016!