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Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the U.S. Support financially excluded and socially impactful borrowers with these 0% interest loans.

Sacramento, CA
A loan of $9,500 helps me to sustain our business and to pay the outstanding bills. Read more

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San Francisco, CA
A loan of $5,500 helps keep our community space! Read more
Milwaukee, WI
A loan of $15,000 helps me to continue making a social impact with our real estate projects. Read more
Oakland, CA
A loan of $15,000 helps a LGBT-owned business with a diverse workforce to navigate the COVID crisis. Read more
Woodside, NY
A loan of $1,500 helps me bring in more merchandise and pay past expenses. Read more
Watertown, WI
A loan of $5,000 helps a dog walking service survive and thrive. Read more
Portland, OR
A loan of $2,000 helps a queer, women-owned, inclusive business survive the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. Read more
Denver, CO
A loan of $15,000 helps us to purchase smart devices that monitor honey bee health. Read more
Staten Island, NY
A loan of $10,000 helps me purchase a food truck and supplies, as well as advertisement. Read more
Lafayette, CO
A loan of $8,500 helps my woman-owned business recover and grow after my 2 month illness with COVID. Read more
Tulsa, OK
A loan of $15,000 helps complete a build out to satisfy the requirements of a new long term lessee. Read more
Hopkins, MI
A loan of $6,500 helps to keep my business able to reopen after the Covid 19 shutdown. Read more
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