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Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in the U.S. Support financially excluded and socially impactful borrowers with these 0% interest loans.

Pittsburgh, PA
A loan of $6,500 helps me provide online training towards professional licensing for youth. Read more

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Denver, CO
A loan of $5,000 helps a women-owned business to sustain from COVID-19 and continue to help improve teens' self-esteem. Read more
Portland, OR
A loan of $10,000 helps our cafe reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more
Houston, TX
A loan of $5,500 helps this female founder go from small to full-scale manufacturing in order to provide for her family. Read more
Ann Arbor, MI
A loan of $6,000 helps me to produce 2,500 units of product. Read more
Salt Lake City, UT
A loan of $6,500 helps me to me uplevel my business and create a small micro cafe. Read more
Hopkins, MI
A loan of $6,500 helps to keep my business able to reopen after the Covid 19 shutdown. Read more
Denver, CO
A loan of $5,500 helps me to produce conscious and sustainable travel and events. Read more
Longmont, CO
A loan of $8,500 helps entry into eCommerce with inventory and marketing support. Read more
Tulsa, OK
A loan of $15,000 helps complete a build out to satisfy the requirements of a new long term lessee. Read more
Estes Park, CO
A loan of $7,000 helps imprint Tours retain employees and survive the COVID-19 crisis. Read more
Puerto Rico
A loan of $7,000 helps me to continue running my business. Read more
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