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Chester Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia
forklift truck driver & freight handler
I loan because:
i've been annoyingly poor; & am now comfortably numb. This makes me a seriously pink Floyd ( I enjoy the music of Alan Hovhaness (, Harry Partch (, Humphrey Searle & La Monte Young ( - also The Reels (, Chase Masterson (, Brian Eno, Bob Log III ( & Henry Rollins ( My favourite writers are Stephen Fry (, Samuel Beckett ( & Dr Hunter S Thompson, my favourite artists are Charlotte Moorman, Ray & Charles Eames (, Yoko Ono ( & Carolee Schneemann (, my favourite blog is Nana Visitor's (, my favourite tv show is Star trek: Deep Space 9 ( & my favourite film is Vertical Features Remake ( The odds are good that you haven't heard of many of these names I strongly suspect that this is my problem, not yours I support dispersed computing using the BOINC platform (, write (when i can),buy art (when i can afford to) as & support people through other crowd-sourced funding sites such as (charitable) &,, www.Pledgemusic &; but Kiva - & my most beautiful Teresa - remain my most important life-affirmation I suppose all this means that i'm just another Wile E Quixote in denial. If you forced me, i'd have to admit that i know that the damn things are windmills but i still choose to exercise my right to tilt at them anyway. After all, one day they might be giants, & that's when i'll really need the practice....
About me:
Carting bloody big boxes out of 10m shipping crates, amongst other things. These crates are made of metal, which isn't pleasant during lightning strikes. I also drive a forklift truck, make computers do something ressembling what they are supposed to & try to be nice on the phone, not necessarily in that order
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Oct 26, 2007
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