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Brushton, New York, United States
I loan because:
I loan because ... I don't qualify to borrow? I can't say why exactly I'm here. I do intend to make up a good reason eventually. I feel much the same about life, since my application to incarnate as a storm petrel was denied. Sorry, should I be taking this space more seriously? I guess I have that problem in life too. Since I came to Kiva I feel a little less overwhelmed, help my friends and family a little more, waste less, whine less. I look for projects that create value as opposed to mere reselling. I try to favor lower interest rates. I love a good story. I notice a recurring food theme, maybe I was hungry when I picked those. You may wonder why most of the people in the pictures below are smiling, while my picture on the left, not so much. You might think this is because Kiva has taken my money and given it to them, and you would have a point. Except the pictures were all taken before that happened. I like to believe it's because they are cuter when they smile.
About me:
I write, print, and sell cheat-sheets and posters for web designers, in 95 countries so far. I have four kids, ages 15-24. Sometimes they help, but each year it seems they want more money and can run faster.
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Jul 7, 2008
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