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We loan because...
So little means so much. And because we are so fortunate to be able to lend with the luxury of not worrying about whether we ever see that money again, while the clients borrow with the hope and determination that they will be able to repay, and improve their lives along the way.

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  • One Acre Fund
    One Acre Fund received a loan from 100 team members one Acre Fund farmers in Tanzania access seeds and supplies on credit to help them feed themselves, their families and their communities.
    Colin gerard Default lender image Ian Lindsay Gerg Kelly Richard Afroze Sean obi Nancy Abhishek Bhatnagar Kate Default lender image Matthew Catherine Mark Jeremy Alexandra Default lender image Julia Robert Default lender image Jim Rachel Heather Bill in Richmond Angelique Everitt Wade David Bryan Steven Janice kim Lance Charla Vall Laura Kim Anna Doug, Jean & Lexa Julian Sarah James and Nicole Andre Kira Connor Frank Todd James Ursula Laurie Jasmine Angela Benoit Default lender image Kendra Sean Barry Jacqueline Carl and Amy Manoj Mary-Beth Frederick the Terrible Default lender image Steve Dominic Jean Suzanne Cliff Marlene Corinne Adam Keenan Manal Joe & Christy Sandy Sandy Peta Dave Justin Bronwyn Cliff Doug Mitchell Neel Mehta & Family Desmond Jennifer Cobe Chris Soren Default lender image Vana André Patrice James Danial AJM Marjorie Jay
    $124,425 to go
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  • Gladys
    Gladys received a loan from Lily a single mother to buy cereals to sell to earn more income for her family.
    $125 to go
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  • Tedi Group
    Tedi Group received a loan from 2 team members to buy clothing merchandise.
    Peter Bryan
    $2,025 to go
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  • Juventud Activa Group
    Juventud Activa Group received a loan from 2 team members to purchase novel items for babies to stock a business.
    Peter Bryan
  • Chanthy
    Chanthy received a loan from 2 team members o buy additional necessities such as drinking water, coffee, and other items.
    TURKER Ugur SOKULLU Mount Currie Coffee
    $725 to go
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  • Wilailak
    Wilailak received a loan from Linda to buy supplies and yarn to grow her weaving business and increase her income potential in the coming year.
    $1,300 to go
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