The risks of lending

Microloans reach populations that have limited access to financial services, so these types of loans come with some inherent risks for lenders. When you lend money on Kiva, you may lose some or all of your principal. You should be aware of the different types of risk (some of which are outlined below) and find the right loan option for you, with respect to repayment risk and social return.

Kiva’s current repayment rate is reflected below. The "overall repayment rate for all loans" includes all loans in all countries, including loans that were repaid or defaulted and loans that are currently paying back. It also factors in currency loss. Please note that past repayment performance does not guarantee future results. To review the terms that apply to your use of Kiva, please see our terms of use.

In order to help reduce your risk exposure, you may wish to diversify your Kiva portfolio, thus reducing your exposure to any one borrower, Field Partner or country. For example, instead of placing $100 with 1 borrower, you may wish to place $25 with 4 borrowers in different countries.

Repayment rate stats

  • Repayment rate for all loans: 96.3%
  • Repayment rate for ended loans only: 97.0%
  • Repayment rate for partner facilitated loans: 97.1%
  • Repayment rate for direct U.S. loans: 73.7%
  • Borrower repayment rate for all loans: 97.0%
  • Currency exchange loss rate: 0.6%