Kiva relies on grants from foundations, corporations and individuals to expand our impact, reach new audiences and test innovative ideas that push the boundaries of microfinance. Our key supporters provide us with generous financial and organizational support. They also raise awareness of our mission and help further our goal of connecting people through lending to alleviate poverty. Below are a few of our key strategic programs in need of support. Contact us at to learn more.

Key areas needing support

Expanding financial inclusion


Loans funded through Kiva

More than 1 in 4 people worldwide—an estimated 2 billion adults—lack access to basic financial services. Access to capital increases people’s resilience to economic shocks ranging from adverse weather to poor health and it can help people cope with the uneven cash flows typical of life in the informal economy. Kiva is focused on humanizing access to capital by enabling the crowd to support entrepreneurs, farmers and students across the globe with small loans.

“The genius of Kiva is that they took the lessons of what worked and what doesn't in microlending, with the promise of crowdfunding and put it in to building a new economy brick by brick, or person by person if you will. It's an exhilarating thing and I am happy to support it.”

Bill Clinton
Former President of the United States

Women's economic empowerment


Number of women supported through Kiva

In every corner of the globe, women entrepreneurs are breadwinners, changemakers and transformational leaders. As their businesses and incomes grow, their children’s health and education improve, jobs are created, poverty is reduced, and countries become stronger. Yet, the economic potential of women entrepreneurs globally remains largely untapped. In fact, there are approximately 104 million women entrepreneurs in emerging economies, 70% of whom express difficulties in accessing finance. Kiva is working to address these challenges by increasing access to financing for women across the globe.

“Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Give a woman microcredit, she, her husband, her children and her extended family will eat for a lifetime.”

Musician, philanthropist and social activist

Kiva Labs


Borrowers reached through Kiva Labs innovations

Kiva Labs accelerates innovation for financial inclusion so that more people can access loan products adapted to their needs.

This program channels Kiva's unique, 0% interest capital to finance client-centric loans that are often deemed too risky by more conservative institutional sources of capital. Innovations will be focused in the areas of innovative agriculture, clean energy, access to education, supporting refugees, growing social enterprises and mobile technology.

“Kiva proactively seeks to fund work that sits at the innovative frontier of our field. Whereas most lenders pathologically avoid risk, I have been instructed by Kiva to actually direct our funding to the neediest, most vulnerable of our farmers in order to push impact.”

Andrew Youn
Co-Founder and Executive Director of One Acre Fund

Kiva U.S.


Loans to U.S. small business owners

Kiva U.S. is a revolutionary program that provides 0% interest loans to socially impactful or underserved entrepreneurs in the U.S. who don’t have access to traditional forms of capital.

By offering loans based on character, not just credit history, we are reshaping financial access in communities across the country. We are currently seeking supporters for our programs in the Bay Area, New York City and Chicago.

“We’re giving residents a critical way to directly support the small businesses that are the backbone and creative engine of our local economy, and in turn Oakland entrepreneurs get access to the capital that they need to grow.”

Libby Schaaf
Mayor of Oakland

Kiva fellow and intern programs


Interns and fellows each year

Our fellows and interns are the backbone of Kiva and enable staff to do more efficient work. 130+ uniquely qualified individuals participate in our life-changing volunteer programs annually, gaining critical professional and field-based experiences that position them as exemplary social sector leaders.

Showing true grit and dedication, Kiva interns work for 6 months with staff members across every business unit to develop their professional skills. Kiva Fellows go the distance for 6 months to visit borrowers and strengthen Kiva’s 300 partnerships in the field. Both fellows and interns help keep Kiva’s overhead costs low, keep staff enthusiasm high with their energy and innovative ideas, and in many cases create a lifelong commitment to careers in this important sector.

“The Kiva internship program was a vital stepping stone that helped me transition from post-secondary to my professional career. The skills I obtained at Kiva, along with the Kiva network and brand, have made me an attractive prospect to other organizations in the job market."

Justin Rutley
Strategic Partnerships Consultant at d.light