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Introducing Kiva City Little Rock!

March 15, 2013

We are thrilled to announce that Little Rock has been added to our list of Kiva Cities this morning! Partnering with Visa Inc. and Accion Texas, Kiva is now giving lenders the opportunity to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in Little Rock, Arkansas with as little as $25.

The beauty of Kiva City Little Rock is that it is driven by local people with local solutions for starting or expanding small businesses and stimulating job growth.

“This initiative gives everyone a chance to help support local jobs and businesses in Little Rock,” said President Premal Shah. “Every dollar lent to a small business helps create jobs in local communities, which in turn supports other local businesses. As small businesses grow and expand, local economies improve, helping to support schools, city services and more vibrant and sustainable communities.”

We are also excited to join forces with San Antonio nonprofit and business-support services organization Accion Texas. Established in 1994, Accion has helped entrepreneurs throughout the region strengthen their businesses, stabilize their incomes, create employment, and contribute to economic revitalization of their communities. Since its inception, it has made nearly 13,000 loans amounting to over $143 million. It began operations in Little Rock in 2011.

With generous support from Visa, Kiva City Little Rock will help increase financial opportunity for small business owners who have had limited to no access to credit -- connecting entrepreneurs with Kiva's network of nearly 1 million lenders.

Kiva City Little Rock joins Kiva Cities in D.C., Los Angeles, Detroit, and New Orleans.

Make a loan to a Little Rock borrower today and make a huge difference for a small business and its surrounding community.

Have questions about Kiva City Little Rock or the Kiva City program? Send them our way at blog@kiva.org.