Kiva is seeking new partners in cities across America. Please apply below if your organization wants to support local small business growth with Kiva in the U.S.

What is Kiva City?

Kiva City extends microfinance to small businesses across America. With Kiva City, credit unions or other financial institutions partner at a local level to facilitate the loans, while community groups and civic leaders build awareness among small business owners and refer them to the program.

Check out our newest Kiva City — Kiva Newark!

Each Kiva City requires three partners:

  • Civic Leaders: Mayors & elected officials can demonstrate the power of community engagement by committing to bring Kiva to your city.
  • Community Organizations: Work with small business networks, nonprofits, churches, and other community associations to post local businesses to Kiva.
  • Financial Institutions: Partner directly with Kiva or get trained on the small business referral process.

Learn more about how Kiva City works - and what you can do to bring Kiva to your city! [pdf]

Read the Economist Intelligence Unit's report on small business trouble spots in the United States. [pdf]

Will you be a Kiva City partner? Apply below, and join an alliance of partners to bring Kiva City to your town.

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Support Kiva with your business

Do you own a small business? Would you like to support Kiva and share your support with your community?

Make a Small Business donation to Kiva, and we will send you an official Kiva Supporter logo for you to display on your website and storefront.

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