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Support young entrepreneurs in the Arab world. Lend today and Silatech will match to double your impact.

About Arab youth loans

The Arab world is home to millions of young people with hopes, plans, and the desire to work. Unfortunately, there simply aren’t enough jobs. The result: Millions of young adults set out to make a living on their own, despite low incomes and often dangerous conditions. For many of these entrepreneurs, the only thing standing between subsistence and income-generating activities to build thriving, sustainable businesses is a lack of reliable, affordable capital. But where too many financial institutions see young people as a risk, Kiva and Silatech see an opportunity.

This is an initiative supported by Silatech that allows you to help Arab entrepreneurs who are 30 years old and younger to start and grow their own businesses. By supplying them with safe, patient capital, you can provide the spark that helps these young people ignite their entrepreneurial dreams. To double your impact, Silatech will match up to $375,000 in loans you make to these young entrepreneurs, and is working to bring in even more. As the loans are repaid, we recycle the matching funds back to finance more loans and benefit more young Arab business owners.

Silatech is an innovative initiative established in 2008 to promote job creation, entrepreneurship, and access to capital and markets for young people in the Arab world. Through its microenterprise program, Silatech works with financial institutions, businesses and youth-serving organizations to promote the setup, financing and growth of youth-owned businesses.

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