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The Loan Taggers team coordinates the efforts of volunteers who systematically review all of the loans posted to the Kiva website, and applies tags using the same tag definitions (see link to definitions below). Having all loans reviewed and tagged to the same standards enables lenders to find loans they are interested in faster, and can help to get loans funded before they expire.

All Kiva lenders have the ability to add tags, and unfortunately Loan Taggers do not have the ability to remove tags that have been inaccurately applied by other lenders. Thus, there will always be loans that are incorrectly tagged, but using tags will allow lenders to narrow down the loan pool, and then judge each loan to see whether it meets their criteria.

About us
Loan Taggers assign themselves the loans they wish to tag, so you can pick a specific country, sector, or activity, or you can simply tag the oldest or highest dollar value loans. How many and which loans to tag is entirely up to you.

No one is expected to attribute any loans to the Loan Taggers team.

Want to join the effort?
If you are interested in helping the Loan Taggers team, first "Join" the team, then post a message on the message board indicating that you wish to start tagging. You will be sent a private message with your unique personal login to a special tool that we use when tagging loans.

If you would like to make a suggestion about tag usage, or have any questions about tagging, please post a message to the team message board, or send a Private Message to a team captain.


The New Tagger FAQ can be found here:


KivaLens is a powerful search tool that provides the ability to find loans that have each of multiple tags, e.g., #Widowed AND #Refugee AND #Parent. KivaLens is not related to the Loan Taggers team, and has its own team for questions, with the same name as its website.


The tag definitions used by the Loan Taggers team can be found here:

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Team Activity

  • 'Asela
    'Asela received a loan from Mrs. C. to buy mulberry for her tapa-making business.
    Mrs. C.
  • Shukriya
    Shukriya received a loan from Mrs. C. to purchase stitching supplies, such as threads of different colors, laces, zippers, and cloth, to sew more dresses.
    Mrs. C.
  • Muhammad
    Muhammad received a loan from Mrs. C. to buy construction tools and supplies needed for his work.
    Mrs. C.
  • Joel
    Joel received a loan from Mrs. C. to purchase fertilizer and manure.
    Mrs. C.
  • Ilir
    Ilir received a loan from Mrs. C. to start his activity of selling the products he and his wife produce in the city market at a higher price to make a better income for their family.
    Mrs. C.
  • Paulina
    Paulina received a loan from Mrs. C. to buy additional kilos of meat to sell.
    Mrs. C.
  • Rath
    Rath received a loan from Mrs. C. to pay for fence construction around her house.
    Mrs. C.
  • Raweya
    Raweya received a loan from Mrs. C. to buy home products to sell.
    Mrs. C.
  • Kerly Jamileth
    Kerly Jamileth received a loan from Mrs. C. to buy new clothes to sell such as dresses, skirts, T-shirts, and other garments.
    Mrs. C.
  • Lydia
    Lydia received a loan from Mrs. C. to buy stock of provisions to sell.
    Mrs. C.
  • Tudor
    Tudor received a loan from Mrs. C. to process the land for starting spring plantings, with fertilizers and seeds.
    Mrs. C.

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