• Lim's Group

    Lim's Group

    Cambodia | Personal Use | Home Appliances

    A portion of Lim's Group's $150 loan helps a member to buy a water filter to provide safe drinking water for their family.

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    Funding via iDE - Cambodia
    0% funded
    $150 to go
  • Rosita


    Philippines | Food | Food Production/Sales

    A loan of $225 helps Rosita to buy more supplies like four, sugar, margarine and flavoring.

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    Funding via Community Economic Ventures, Inc. (CEVI), a partner of VisionFund International
    0% funded
    $225 to go
  • Benita


    Bolivia | Food | Fishing

    A loan of $725 helps Benita to buy an engine for her fishing boat so that she can catch more fish.

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    Funding via Emprender
    24% funded
    $550 to go
  • Las Almendras. Group

    Las Almendras. Group

    Nicaragua | Food | Grocery Store

    A portion of Las Almendras. Group's $1,925 loan helps a member to invest in a general store and purchase grocery products like rice, beans, sugar, milk, bread, eggs, oil, ...

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    Funding via León 2000 IMF
    9% funded
    $1,750 to go
  • Anthony


    Nigeria | Education | Primary/secondary school costs

    A loan of $375 helps Anthony to pay for his children's school fees and uniforms.

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    Funding via Babban Gona Farmers Organization
    40% funded
    $225 to go
  • Kairat


    Kyrgyzstan | Education | Higher education costs

    A loan of $1,100 helps Kairat to pay for his higher education.

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    Funding via American University of Central Asia
    13% funded
    $950 to go
  • Silvia Elena

    Silvia Elena

    El Salvador | Retail | Retail

    A loan of $600 helps Silvia Elena to purchase: chicken, meat, fish, rice, fruits and vegetables.

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    Funding via Apoyo Integral
    0% funded
    $600 to go
  • David Salomon

    David Salomon

    Nicaragua | Housing | Personal Housing Expenses

    A loan of $400 helps David Salomon to divide up rooms in his home, which will give his children privacy and comfort.

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    Funding via AFODENIC
    6% funded
    $375 to go
  • Ana Maria

    Ana Maria

    Colombia | Clothing | Clothing

    A loan of $650 helps Ana Maria to buy a new collection of pajamas and undergarments.

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    Funding via Interactuar
    3% funded
    $625 to go
  • Luz Miryam

    Luz Miryam

    Colombia | Food | Soft Drinks

    A loan of $850 helps Luz Miryam to make changes to her space, giving a comfortable and different touch to her business.

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    Funding via Interactuar
    0% funded
    $850 to go
  • Yhors Anderson

    Yhors Anderson

    Colombia | Food | Food

    A loan of $425 helps Yhors Anderson to start a business selling fast food by purchasing a food cart and supplies.

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    Funding via Interactuar
    64% funded
    $150 to go