Sophie, Team Leader

"I started volunteering for Kiva because I thought it would be a good way to get involved in translation again, which I hadn't done for several years... Little did I know that it would change my life! I now volunteer for Kiva because I am very excited to be part of something much bigger than myself. I believe that every profile I translate makes a difference, and I am very happy to help. A couple of years ago, I was also encouraged to become a Kiva Team Leader. This new role has added a new dimension to my volunteer experience with Kiva. Every day, I am thrilled to lead and work with a team of experienced and incredibly dedicated translators scattered around the globe and to be united with them toward a common goal. I love the community of people Kiva has given me the chance to connect with."

Renata, Portuguese/ Spanish Translator

"I truly believe in what Kiva does and what it represents. Also, I've always loved languages, writing and translating, so volunteering as a translator for Kiva seemed like the perfect opportunity to put those skills to good use and hopefully help people. In addition, I love to learn about the borrowers and read their stories, and it's heartwarming to think Kiva is making an actual difference in their lives. Plus, even though I live far away and haven't actually met anyone in person, I receive amazing support and encouragement from my team leader, my fellow volunteers and everyone at Kiva- it really feels like I'm part of the team!”

Lorne, English Editor

"About a year into retirement, I began looking for some activities that would impart a little structure to my life. I was at that time volunteering once a week at a local food bank, but wanted to give more of my time to a project that would both interest me and benefit others. Because I had already started lending money to Kiva applicants, when volunteer positions became available in editing, I applied immediately. Having been an English teacher and a frequent writer of opinion pieces and letters to the editor, editing seemed like an ideal opportunity to put some of my skills to work."