• Helen
    A loan of $8,000 helps Helen with purchasing fabrics and machinery. As well as creating venues t...

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  • Fabiola
    A loan of $2,000 helps Fabiola me buy more merchandise for my gifts and jewelry business.

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  • Maria
    A loan of $2,000 helps Maria me to purchase more jewelry for my business to sell to my customers.

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  • Rashima
    A loan of $10,000 helps Rashima helps me to hire a team, purchase equipment and scale my business...

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  • Irma
    A loan of $5,000 helps Irma buy a new sewing table and market to new customers to grow my sewing ...

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Photo: Photo by Joe Parks

This is Oakland: Lend local

Upcoming event:
Made in Oakland
October 6 from 4-7pm
1 Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, CA


Join hundreds of attendees and 45 food and fashion vendors providing guests with the rich offerings of Oakland’s culinary landscape.  Each of the vendors has been crowdfunded on Kiva.org

The wide variety of entertainment on display reflects the diversity that marks Oakland as a unique community. There will be music and DJs, a fashion show and more!

Don't forget to lend (or borrow!) to help Oakland thrive:

Through Kiva Oakland you can help crowdfund (or apply for!) a small business loan at 0% interest and no fees. As you are repaid, you can relend to another borrower or withdraw you money from the system.

By lending to local small businesses you take an active role in choosing the shape of Oakland's future, strengthening our community and creating jobs.  Discover the inspiring stories of the businesses in your neighborhood, or if you're a small business owner in Oakland learn more about taking out a loan.

Lend.          Borrow.      

Check out the Oakland Lend Local, Shop Local Guide to support borrowers from Kiva's launch in Oakland last March.
  1. Choose a borrower
    Browse hundreds of borrower profiles and find a story that connects with you.
  2. Make a loan
    Click ‘Lend’ to send money via our Field Partners, who vet, distribute and administer each loan.
  3. Get repaid
    Receive updates as the borrowers you support succeed and repay their loans.
  4. Repeat!
    When borrowers repay, that money is yours to keep, donate to Kiva or lend again to empower someone new!

About Kiva Oakland

Kiva Oakland helps small business owners in Oakland get the financing they need to grow and create jobs. Kiva Oakland works with local community groups and Kiva's Trustee partners, and is made possible in partnership with the City of Oakland, Google and our many generous supporters.

The City of Oakland is proud to support Kiva Oakland as part of its ongoing work to foster economic opportunity in Oakland and keep our community thriving and unique.

Google supports Kiva Oakland through a Google Impact Grant that will help 800 community entrepreneurs in the next 3 years.

The San Francisco Foundation is a leading agent of Bay Area philanthropy, and ranks as one of the nation’s largest community foundations in grant making and assets.



Pacific Gas and Electric Company is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the U.S. As a major local employer and supporter of the community, PG&E is proud to join the Kiva Oakland effort.

NBC Bay Area

NBC Bay Area is partnering with Kiva Oakland in support of local small businesses. As the local NBC affiliate, NBC Bay Area exists to serve the community and cover stories that matter.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is partnering with Kiva Oakland as a proud supporter of small, local businesses everywhere.


Akonadi Foundation works to support and nurture racial justice movement building to eliminate the structural racism that lies at the heart of inequity in the United States.

California Endowment

The California Endowment is a private health foundation that provides grants to community-based organizations throughout California.

Walter & Elise Haas Fund

The mission of the Walter & Elise Haas Fund is to help build a healthy, just, and vibrant society in which people feel connected to and responsible for their community. 

OBDC Small Business Finance

OBDC Small Business Finance’s mission is to create economic opportunity by empowering entrepreneurs with capital, education, and relationships that allow them to flourish.

Capital One Spark Business

Capital One Spark Business is proud to support Kiva with a generous grant to launch Kiva Oakland, expand Kiva's U.S. lending, and provide loan matching for borrowers across the country. For more information visit capitalone.com/