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Telesales is one of the most important sections of sales management. A candidate opting for sales management training should be prepared to tackle any interview that will come up. Telesales is the first contact that a sales executive will have with the prospective client and it is often the defining moment when a salesperson needs to be convinced that the person is worthy of their investment. This is the reason why training for telesales is essential and should start right from the day that the job has been offered. Most of the time, sales trainers will start off their training by preparing their own sales strategies and test cases for the company. They will also set a benchmarking process that will measure how effective the sales manager has been at achieving goals for the company. However, they should not set unrealistic goals and try and ensure that the actual performance level achieved is equal to or better than the set goals. The evaluation system should be clear-cut and realistic. The sales managers should know that there is no room for failure in this area. It is very common for a salesperson to end up quitting a particular position because of the stress of the tests and exams. Once the sales training course is complete, the sales trainer will look for any weaknesses that the sales manager might have in his or her approach. He will analyse the reasons behind why the performance levels are low and try and fix these issues. The focus for the telesales job will be on closing more sales rather than concentrating on customer satisfaction or customer service. This is because the sales trainer will be dealing with the company's clients and they will be responsible for deciding how a client will be treated. If this is not correct, then the sales manager will find that he is being ineffective as an employer and will have to find someone who will focus on these areas. There is no single formula for determining how competent a sales trainer is. Experience counts a lot but it is not the only factor that matters. A person has to be qualified and able to communicate well to people who are new in business or working with little knowledge. The basic principle is that if the sales manager is able to explain something to the prospective client clearly and in an understandable manner, then this is the person that will be given the keys to the business. In other words, the person who does the telesales has to make sure that the information is conveyed clearly and that the prospective customers are able to understand it. For a sales manager to excel in this field, he or she should have excellent communication skills. The training should help him or her learn how to speak to people and they should have the right way of speaking. They should know the right body language to use when making a presentation. If they know how to do these things, then they can ensure that they provide all the answers to the questions asked by the potential clients. They should be able to apply their knowledge in front of others and should be able to understand how the customer will react when they answer his or her queries. There are various types of companies who require sales managers to have this training; some require a one-day refresher course once a year, while some others go for seminars and training programs every few months. People who have the required skill should be preferred over others because they are usually those who are able to speak on the phone, use the company's resources well, and have a high tolerance level towards failure. Those who are not really good at many things can try telesales as a sideline activity. However, they should not think of it as a stepping stone to another position in the company. They should continue on their course and polish their skills until such time that they are able to be placed in a managerial position. Those who have been in the sales field for a number of years usually fare better when they start their own companies. This is because they already have an established relationship and can easily adjust to the new demands of the business. Telesales is just one of the tools that they have at their disposal. A company with a strong reputation is more likely to attract sales managers. Some of the advantages of being a sales manager include: When people are promoted to a sales manager post, they are supposed to train extensively in order to gain further experience and skills. Even if they are already in the job market, they should train extensively so that they are able to deal with clients and superior customers. Most sales people are promoted because of their ability in telesales and their communication abilities. When they are able to communicate effectively, they will be more likely to get commissions and higher salaries from salespeople who work under them.
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