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Mainz, RLP, Germany
Cycling Products & Services
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We loan to make the world go round like a bike wheel!
About me:
We are fortunate to work in a field that does people good. Morally, we are proud to offer our services to help fulfill the passion of cycling which does not cause wars, transports people and goods, emancipates women, helped Einstein discover the theory of relativity and is basically one of the healthiest sports around. We, meaning our customers especially and Shocka Cycling, donate 2% of our product proceeds, of which 91% goes towards loans and 9% towards Kiva because we know that without funding you cannot make it in our world. Even the brightest ideas, large and small, that change humanity or the well-being of a single family need some backbone.The great thing is that we don't simply support one cause and it's over. With Kiva and micro loans we support over and over again, making the invested 2% worth much more in time! Thanks everybody. No one does what you don't do! Also, check out our Zip.Kiva loans, goto
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Feb 27, 2014
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