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Campbell, CA, United States
Pretty Pokets
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Pretty Pokets was possible because of the amazing contributions from some incredible people on the Kiva platform. We got funded twice on this platform. Our dreams became a reality and we want to make the dreams of other women entrepreneurs possible. No matter how small our contributions are, we are not waiting to become successful to give back to our community. A small amount of $25 will fuel an entrepreneur's dream. This is a loan, which means your money will be returned back to you. Companies like Google, Intel, Quickbooks invest, and match the contributions on the Kiva platform. We truly believe that contributions need to be made when required not when we can. Please join us as we support all the amazing women-owned small business owners around the globe.
About me:
Madhu is the Founder & CEO of Pretty Pokets. An engineer turned Designer.
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Nov 13, 2017
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