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Harrisonburg, VA, United States
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I believe that empowering others to become self-reliant is a great way to help people. Loans are tools that we may take for granted but are vital to success in developed countries: college loans and mortgages to name a few. Giving people these opportunities in countries that may not be available is very impactful! In addition to the rest of the world, I think it's important to make contributions to local people as well. This can be done through Kiva or a donation from the funds repaid by Kiva borrowers.
About me:
I am a REALTOR® with Funkhouser Real Estate Group in Harrisonburg, VA. Together with my clients, we are funding loans across the world. Funkhouser Real Estate Group 401 University Blvd Harrisonburg, VA 22802 Licensed In The Commonwealth of Virginia
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Feb 18, 2019
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