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Jacksonville, Florida, United States
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As a company who works directly and closely with Sex Workers, we understand and would like to acknowledge that systemic racism contributes to the violence sex workers consistently face. We must not forget that as sex workers we are all at war against capitalism, white supremacy, and police states. We must stand with Black and communities of color if we are to ever achieve justice for sex workers. We at stand with the protesters; we cannot be silent while vulnerable people are hurting. The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for Black communities across the world. The murder of father and musician, George Floyd, has pushed these communities to a rightful breaking point. Anti-Blackness and Anti-Indigenous racism has run deep in the histories and cultures of developed nations, especially those with colonial pasts. Many sex workers from these communities are directly targeted by police surveillance for simply existing. We are involved in the fight for sex workers rights and have been since our founding, so we understand the enormous importance of intersectionality in a globalised society. We cannot fight for sex workers' rights without recognising the specific concerns of Black sex workers, sex workers of color, and trans_ sex workers. To support the protestors and help uplift communities affected by racial injustice and police brutality.
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Jan 13, 2022
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