Getting Started

Here are some tips to help you get started.

Step 1: Read the developer Terms Of Service and Code Of Conduct

We know you are eager to start working with code, but it is important that you read and understand the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct . Start with these to make sure the application you have in mind is in the spirit of our terms for use of the API.

Step 2: Play around with the loan search method

Our GraphQL API methods can be tested easily with most any browser

As an example, try out this GraphQL that will return the newest loans fundraising on the website:

Query for newest fundraising loans

Try changing up some of the parameters and see how the search results change.
Press the "Play" button on the top left hand corner to see the new results.
Click the "Docs" button on the top right hand corner for information about the GraphQL data schema.

Step 3: Start designing your application!

Think about the experience you'd like to create for Kiva users. Maybe you want to create a notification system for a particular type of loan; perhaps you let your users specify the kind of loan about which to be notified. Maybe you have an idea for a creative way to show off Kiva's statistics or activity on the site. The application might be as simple as a widget for a blog that shows off loans you've recently made on Kiva.