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Why Kiva Interns Volunteer & Love Every Minute

September 4, 2015

Kiva has been called the “hottest non-profit on the planet,” by Fortune and a top 50 website by Time. Not only is Kiva an awesome place to work, it also is the world’s pioneering crowdfunding for social good platform and is devoted to strengthening individuals and their communities through lending. Here are some reasons why Kiva’s 15th Intern Class loves volunteering for Kiva

1. You learn to communicate beyond borders because Kiva Interns come from all over the world.

KI15 map.jpg

Kiva’s 15th Internship class comes from all over the world!

2. Each and every single intern plays a huge role in contributing to Kiva’s daily operations, brainstorming ideas and most importantly making an impact for people all over the world.

3. You are joining a cohort of talented and successful individuals.


Check out this cool article written by our Kiva Zip Intern who is also a networking guru on the side. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/getting-over-fonho-fear-helping-out-ammar-sabzwari?trk=prof-post

4. You get the opportunity to learn new skillsets and challenge yourself.


5. Networking is always scary, but the Kiva internship program equips the interns to achieve their dreams post internship.


Each intern receives LinkedIn and resume training, professional development seminars, public speaking training and more.

6. You won’t have to worry about food, because there is always something to eat somewhere…

7. Getting the chance to work with passionate and experienced staff who all strive for the same vision of bettering the world.


8. You get the opportunity to work out of the tech capital in the world, San Francisco!


9. Each intern receives mentorship from Kiva managers and peers. For each project, interns are given the freedom to take ownership of their work. More often than not, interns play a crucial role in creating new ideas and innovation.

10. You are inspired daily to become the change-makers we always dreamt of being!


11. Kivans know how to mix a little relaxation into a long week.

Nerf wars across the office is a common sight.

Kiva is a unique nonprofit striving to make a lasting social impact in the world at the intersection of crowdfunding, social good and microfinance. As a volunteer intern, I can testify to the insurmountable joy and excitement that each and every single intern has when they come into the office everyday. In the last four months, I have learned amazing and useful skillsets that will equip me for the future. Most importantly, through both small and large projects, I was able to make an impact in this world. The lessons and relationships built here will surely be something I hold onto for a very long time.

Apply here to become a Kiva intern and join the community: http://www.kiva.org/internvolunteers/internprogram