The Top 10: My favorite borrower photos from Colombia and Chile

Kiva Fellows come from a vast variety of backgrounds, both in regards to their professional experience and hobbies.  When the Kiva Fellows Program Team is trying to decide where to send people they evaluate what MFIs would benefit most from that fellow’s individual experience and skills, and also what special projects they can work on to benefit Kiva’s mission and/or the MFI.  As part of my fellowship I was asked to help add to Kiva’s library of borrower images, which are used for marketing and communications purposes by Kiva.  With camera in hand I have set out to take some simple portraits of clients in their homes and businesses.  Here are 10 of my favorite from both Chile and Colombia, hope you enjoy them!

Sergio from El Yeco, Chile displays his leather products

Magalis sells products she imports from Venezuela as well as meat and fish from her home in Cartagena, Colombia

Carolina displays earrings she sells in San Antonio, Chile

Jóse runs a store selling a variety of food products from his location in the Lo Espejo neighborhood of Santiago, Chile

Juana sells mops and brooms that are made in her home from a variety of locations around Barranquilla, Colombia

Romy sells homemade knitted garments from Algarrobo, Chile

Shani sells a variety of artisan products, some decorated for Barranquilla's famous carnival, in Barranquilla, Colombia

Raquel runs a fruit and vegetable stand in Santiago, Chile

Gloria runs a small store out of the front of her home in Cartagena, Colombia

Rosa makes and sells clothing and costumes in Algarrobo, Chile

John Gwillim is part of KF15, serving with Fondo Esperanza in Santiago, Chile.  He also worked with Fundación Mario Santo Domingo as part of KF14 in Barranquilla, Colombia.

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