Mambo Jambo

Jambo everyone! Or, to prove that I’m “in the know”, Mambo!

Okay, so these may be the only two words I know in Swahili at this point, but I am expecting/hoping that my vocabulary will exponentially increase in the next 13 weeks. At this moment, I am sitting among 29 other, and infinitely more interesting than I, future Fellows in a training session at Kiva headquarters. Here at the Kiva office we have been overeating and learning how to be the very best Fellows we can be (which of course includes learning how to post on this blog!).

This initial post is intended to be both a test run of our blogging skills (mine resemble those of a chimpanzee who has found access to internet) and an introduction. So, hello, mambo, etc.. my name is Sarah Forbes and I will be working as a Kiva Fellow in Africa for 10 months. My first placement will be with K-MET, the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust, in Kisumu, Kenya, with two other placements to follow elsewhere.

It is hard to convey through this post just how excited I am to be working with Kiva, in the company of so many fantastic individuals. It would just take too many exclamation points. Rather than blow your mind with those, I’ll end this post now, but keep your fingers crossed for Swahili success stories in the future!


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