3 Weeks ‘Till Sierra Leone

Everyone can breathe easy again.  After a brief hiatus between Kiva Fellow rotations, you will be experiencing again soon the joys of reading fresh, new blogs from the field in Sierra Leone.  Hi, I’m Adam Grenier and I’m your new Kiva Fellow heading to Sierra Leone, Africa.  You will witness this exciting adventure thru my eyes.  I hope you enjoy it.

Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa, bordered by Guinea in the northeast, Liberia in the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest.  Want to see it on a world map?  Check this out.

I’ll be spending 13 weeks beginning in mid-October with Salone Microfinance Trust.  Salone is nearing $500,000 in Kiva funds received by you, our incredible lenders, since it joined in partnership with Kiva 15 months ago.   The people there are eager to expand upon their partnership with Kiva.  I look forward to contributing to this effort and sharing it all with you.

My Kiva Fellow training wraps up tomorrow.  I leave Rhode Island for Sierra Leone in 3 weeks on October 9.  In the meantime, consider joining my new lending team dedicated to fulfilling funds needed for our entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.  The team name is Sierra Leone Supporters.

Until I come up with a catchy sign-off, I will just say ‘goodbye’ for now.

Goodbye, Adam  :)


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