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Kiva opens new office in Nairobi, Kenya!

April 18, 2013

We're thrilled to announce that we launched our new office in Nairobi, Kenya last night! So thrilled that we are literally jumping for joy!

Kiva staff members celebrating outside the new office.

Why Nairobi?

We're so glad you asked! It was an obvious choice because we currently have 16 field partners in Kenya -- the most we have in one country! On top of that, the United States and Kenya are currently the only countries where we're growing the Kiva Zip pilot program.

What's even cooler, the office is located on the campus of one of our partners (our first tuition loan partner to be exact), Strathmore University. Strathmore is one of the leading private universities in Kenya, and Kiva is currently funding loans to help students pay for school and other expenses like laptops.

We're excited to grow Kiva’s international presence and this is a great first step!

Kiva CEO Matt Flannery spoke at the launch. Kiva President Premal Shah was also on hand for the festivities.

Any questions about our new office? Send us an email at blog@kiva.org.