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Growing big dreams in tiny fields: A rooftop farm sows seeds and creates community

March 3, 2017

A new concept in agriculture is coming to life on rooftops in cities across America. With city land at ground-level often over-priced or simply unavailable for growing produce, urban farmers are turning to rooftops as places to cultivate locally grown fresh food.

Tinyfield Rooftop Farm is a small-scale rooftop farm established by Kiva U.S. borrower Keely (along with her former business partner, Katrina) and funded by 202 Kiva lenders. Keely’s mission is to cultivate locally grown micro-greens, hops, edible flowers, and other green vegetables closer to the point of consumption. She also offers educational and social events, teaching the community about rooftop farming as well as providing a place for diners and drinkers to socialize and spend time together in her unique urban setting.

Check out Keely’s story on Medium and learn how her dream of creating a collaboration between farming and community became reality in her tiny field on a rooftop in Brooklyn, NY.

(This piece was written by Kathy Gledhill and Junho Hyun-Sack.)

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