A Day in the Life: Loan Officers and Chickens

Adria Orr | KF17 | Samoa

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So how much is a video worth? I’m going to assume it’s at least a thousand, squared. Since Samoa is such a mystery for most people, I decided to put together a short video about the daily routine of SPBD’s loan officers for everyone to take a peek at this remote country.


For my second offering, I bring you something a little more light-hearted, focusing on one of the biggest annoyances from my time here. Have you ever tried to sleep with a rooster cawing gleefully a few feet from your head? Or tried to conduct a bi-lingual interview with several roosters prancing around, cawing as they go? Well, let’s just say I may finally have snapped.

Now that I have offered you 1000^2 + 1000^2 words, I’m off to finish up my last two weeks here in the South Pacific.

Adria Orr a fowl-focused Kiva Fellow working with SPBD in Apia, Samoa. Help support our borrowers here!

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