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Status update — August 10, 2016

Kiva and Advans Côte d'Ivoire have agreed to end their partnership, as the microfinance institution is no longer in need of Kiva funding. Advans Côte d'Ivoire has fully paid its outstanding balance to Kiva, and these funds have been distributed to lenders. Kiva thanks Advans Côte d'Ivoire for its collaboration and continued commitment to providing financial services to low-income communities in Côte d'Ivoire.


Partner description: 

Advans Côte d’Ivoire (Advans CI) is the fifth microfinance institution established by the international microfinance group Advans SA, already working in Cameroon, Ghana, DRC, Tanzania, Nigeria, Cambodia and Pakistan.

Advans CI’s mission is to offer credit and savings products, and other related financial services to micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Côte d’Ivoire. Its shareholders are Advans SA, the Agence Française de Développement, SGBCI (Societe Générale Côte d’Ivoire), the International Finance Corporation (World Bank group), and the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO.

Advans CI opened its doors in March 2012, and after one year of operations, it had already served more than 3,000 clients (US$5,000,000 in loans).

The organization offers adapted and accessible loans to its customers, with loan sizes ranging from US$320 to US$100,000 and terms of three to 24 months. These products are easily accessible, with no obligation to deposit, and the loan application is processed in 15 days.

Advans CI also offers savings accounts with attractive interest rates, as well as other financial services like wire transfers, check cashing, and account/transaction information via SMS. Constantly enhancing its services for customers, Advans CI will soon introduce additional financial services, insurance products, and mobile banking.

In 2012, Advans CI partnered with the World Cocoa Foundation Cocoa Livelihoods Program (CLP) to finance yield-increasing agricultural inputs for smallholder cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire. The CLP increases farmer income while strengthening local service capacity through three main objectives: to improve market efficiency and build capacity of farmers and farmer organizations; to improve production and quality of cocoa at the farm level; and to improve farmers’ competitiveness on diversified farms. 

The CLP is financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, nearly 20 industry partners – including chocolate manufacturers, cocoa processors, supply chain managers and allied industries – the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). It is implemented by a consortium of public and non-profit partners led by the World Cocoa Foundation, and covers five countries: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria.

TechnoServe is one of the implementing partners of the CLP and leads the input credit component of the program. A nonprofit organization that works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries, TechnoServe develops business solutions to poverty by linking people to information, capital and markets. Its work is rooted in the idea that hardworking people can generate income, jobs and wealth for their families and communities. With more than four decades of proven results, TechnoServe believes in the power of private enterprise to transform lives.

Since launching the CLP Input Credit Scheme in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana in 2010, TechnoServe has linked over 6,000 farmers to over $1.25M in input financing. Over the three seasons financed, participating farmers in Côte d’Ivoire have maintained an impressive average repayment rate of 100%, even in the face of the civil conflict that rocked the nation in early 2011.

Repayment Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Start Date On Kiva May 23, 2013 Oct 12, 2005
Total Loans $69,425 $1,592,116,445
Amount of raised Inactive loans $0 $540,550
Number of raised Inactive loans 0 202
Amount of Paying Back Loans $0 $163,114,575
Number of Paying Back Loans 0 198,351
Amount of Ended Loans $69,425 $1,428,461,320
Number of Ended Loans 47 1,888,324
Delinquency Rate 0.00% 17.07%
Amount in Arrears $0 $17,337,242
Outstanding Portfolio $0 $101,591,417
Number of Loans Delinquent 0 52,936
Default Rate 0.00% 1.69%
Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted $0 $24,149,199
Number of Ended Loans Defaulted 0 60,162
Currency Exchange Loss Rate 0.00% 0.40%
Amount of Currency Exchange Loss $0 $6,915,950
Refund Rate 0.00% 0.59%
Amount of Refunded Loans $0 $9,457,725
Number of Refunded Loans 0 8,817

Loan Characteristics On Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Loans to Women Borrowers 2.13% 77.41%
Average Loan Size $227 $392
Average Individual Loan Size $283 $601
Average Group Loan Size $1,559 $1,800
Average number of borrowers per group 6.9 8
Average GDP per capita (PPP) in local country $1,800 $5,685
Average Loan Size / GDP per capita (PPP) 12.60% 6.90%
Average Time to Fund a Loan 2.8 days 8.06 days
Average Dollars Raised Per Day Per Loan $80.90 $48.64
  Average Loan Term 9.68 months 11.35 months

Journaling Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Total Journals 47 969,614
  Journaling Rate 100.00% 42.44%
  Average Number of Comments Per Journal 0.00 0.03
  Average Number of Recommendations Per Journal 0.00 0.68

Borrowing Cost Comparison (based on 2012 data)

    This Field Partner Median for MFI's in Country All Kiva Partners
  Average Cost to Borrower 25% PY 27.00% PY 26.61% PY
  Profitability (return on assets) -12.8% -3.8% -0.35%
  Average Loan Size (% of per capita income) N/A 107.00% 11.35%

Country Fast Facts

Field Partner Staff

Olivier Bailly-Béchet
Christophe Ban Koffi
Grégoire Danel-Fédou
François Kouakou
Anne-Laure Putigny