Kiva conducts regular, ongoing monitoring of all Field Partners, but only posts status updates here in response to relevant, major changes at the partner.

Partner Description:

Urwego Opportunity Bank (UOB) is a Rwandan bank specializing in microfinance. It offers credit products to individuals and groups interested in starting or expanding their businesses. Additionally, it offers training in business development, financial literacy and health management to its clients.

Formed in 2007 in a merger between Urwego Community Bank and Opportunity International Bank, this institution seeks to be a premier, sustainable financial firm achieving significant economic, social and spiritual impact in underprivileged areas in Rwanda.

UOB reaches its clients through 36 outlets, branches and credit offices scattered throughout the country. Given that approximately 90% of the Rwandan population is directly or indirectly related to the agricultural sector, Kiva lenders’ funds will be used to support UOB’s agricultural loan products, which are vital to clients living in remote areas.

A unique lending approach

As of September 2012, UOB has impacted more than 42,000 clients bringing, its total loan portfolio to $16 million. About 90% of its credit clients are women and 75% live in rural areas.

The institution offers different types of loans, including community loans, solidarity group loans, micro business loans, agriculture loans, motorcycles loans and more -- all geared toward helping people improve their lives. For example, motorcycles are one of the most convenient and affordable modes of transportation in Rwanda, and motorcycle loans help local drivers do business and make money for their families.

Additionally, UOB seeks to promote a savings culture in Rwanda by offering several savings accounts to its customers. Today, over 192,000 clients are taking advantage of the bank’s savings accounts, with more than $10 million in total savings. Some of the most popular savings accounts include the Teganya Savings Accounts designed to help micro-entrepreneurs and poor families through microsavings, and the Children’s Savings Accounts which helps parents save money for education, clothing and other necessities.

Urwego provides comprehensive training services to its microfinance clients in business management, household financial management and health management. The courses include modules on how clients can manage money, increase their profits, network and share business knowledge, prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and more.

Status Update - September 11, 2011

As part of an ongoing effort to fully migrate risk ratings to our new and enhanced risk rating system, Kiva has conducted a re-assessment of the level of risk posed by this institution.


During this re-assessment, our analysts were able to gather updated operational and financial information about the institution, as well as speak with key members of the staff.


The information gathered during this process, together with the Kiva's new risk rating system and half-star support, has led us to revise UOB's risk rating from 3 to 4 stars.


We have prepared a blog post with more information on Kiva's new and enhanced risk rating system, along with a chart showing the relative magnitude of the overall changes for Kiva's portfolio. UOB has been informed of our analysts’ findings and their corresponding change in rating.

Repayment Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Start Date On Kiva Jun 10, 2010 Oct 12, 2005
Total Loans $5,728,450 $604,062,050
Amount of raised Inactive loans $750 $524,650
Number of raised Inactive loans 1 440
Amount of Paying Back Loans $1,535,850 $119,195,225
Number of Paying Back Loans 1,210 128,510
Amount of Ended Loans $4,191,850 $484,342,175
Number of Ended Loans 4,860 612,364
Delinquency Rate 23.86% 4.13%
Amount in Arrears $330,593 $3,197,480
Outstanding Portfolio $1,385,581 $77,511,205
Number of loanDelinquent 309 13,871
Default Rate 0.07% 1.11%
Amount of Ended Loans Defaulted $2,929 $5,357,808
Amount of Ended Loans $4,191,850 $484,342,175
Number of Ended Loans Defaulted 4 16,820
Currency Exchange Loss Rate 0.00% 0.09%
Amount of Currency Exchange Loss $3 $572,886
Refund Rate 0.56% 0.75%
Amount of Refunded Loans $32,250 $4,553,925
Number of Refunded Loans 45 5,085

Loan Characteristics On Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Loans to Women Borrowers 69.17% 74.22%
Average Loan Size $532 $419
Average Individual Loan Size $848 $656
Average Group Loan Size $4,194 $1,830
Average number of borrowers per group 28.4 8
Average GDP per capita (PPP) in local country $1,000 $3,423
Average Loan Size / GDP per capita (PPP) 53.16% 12.23%
Average Time to Fund a Loan 4.49 days 5.69 days
Average Dollars Raised Per Day Per Loan $118.42 $73.54
  Average Loan Term 4.92 months 10.4 months

Journaling Performance on Kiva

    This Field Partner All Kiva Partners
  Total Journals 747 301,704
  Journaling Rate 13.61% 42.39%
  Average Number of Comments Per Journal 0.00 0.08
  Average Number of Recommendations Per Journal 0.01 1.84

Borrowing Cost Comparison (based on 2012 data)

    This Field Partner Median for MFI's in Country All Kiva Partners
  Average Cost to Borrower 47% PY 31.00% PY 33.16% PY
  Profitability (return on assets) 2.2% -3.2% -1.43%
  Average Loan Size (% of per capita income) 57.00% 81.00% 40.41%

Country Fast Facts

Field Partner Staff

Peace Bureshyo
Alice Gasatura
Jessica Igoma
Jessica Igoma
Emmanuel Mugandura
Adelin Ngenzi
Marie Louise Nyirambarubukyeye
Daniel Ryumugabe
Diana Uwera
George Williams
Faustin Zihiga