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Here are instructions for how to redeem your Kiva Card. When you're ready, click “Get Started, Find a Loan.”
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    Choose a borrower

    There are hundreds of loans to fund on Kiva. To redeem your Kiva Card start by selecting a loan to support from our list of fundraising loans.

    Choose a borrower
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    Click to lend

    When you find a borrower you’d like to support, click the “Lend $25” button to add that loan to your basket.

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    Make an optional donation

    At checkout, you'll have the option to make a small donation to Kiva on top of your loan, to help us cover our operating expenses. Click “Edit” to change or remove the donation amount.

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    Register or Sign In

    When redeeming a Kiva Card you’ll be asked to sign into your Kiva account. If you have an existing Kiva account go ahead and sign in. If you are new to Kiva you will need to register for a Kiva account using Facebook Connect or your email address.

    Register or Sign In
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    Enter Kiva Card code

    On the “Review & Pay” page of checkout, enter the unique code from your Kiva Card and click “Apply.” To complete your loan, click “Complete Order.”

    Apply Kiva Card Code

Ready? Let's redeem your Kiva Card!

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