Intern Alumni Perspective
The Kiva Internship program has a network of over 300 alumni!


Carlos Villacis, Kiva Public Relations Intern Alum
"I was impressed by the great personalities of the people that I met. The internship class drew a very friendly, smart, fun group of people who were extremely enjoyable to work with. It made the daily routine very enjoyable, and group events were the highlights. By becoming friends with people in other departments, we were allowed to peek into how other parts of a successful nonprofit operate, and learn about things on top of our own work."

Sarina Gujral, Kiva Zip Onboarding Intern Alum
"Being an intern with Kiva is one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences a young professional can undertake. The caliber and work ethic of the Kiva community is inspiring and will undoubtedly inspire you to test your limits and push yourself in a number of ways. Overall, interning with Kiva was an honor and I'm sure this time will continue to serve me in my future career."

Jennifer Bi, Kiva Email Marketing Intern Alum
"Kiva is a great balance if you're looking for non-profit and start-up work experience. Since it's small in size and big in brand recognition, there's a wealth of opportunity for creative marketing ideas, and I loved being a part of an org that's both socially responsible and technically agile."

What do Kiva interns do post-internship?

Following their internships, Kiva Interns have gone on to continue their careers at companies such as:

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