Trustee: Mission Economic Development Agency

San Francisco, CA


Why are you interested in becoming a Trustee?
As an Asset Building Organization and within our Business Development Program is priority to support our clients to find resources to be able to launch their businesses. Aside from being Loan packaging one of the services that we provide we are always looking for sources of funding for our clients. Also, with the new lending policies, options for start up business are limited or unavailable we are always looking for more flexible financing options for this new business.
What is the mission of your organization?
To achieve economic justice for San Francisco’s low- to moderate-income Latino families through asset development.

Borrower Due Diligence

How will you decide who to endorse as a borrower? What due diligence will you conduct?

About Mission Economic Development Agency

Trustee type: Non-profit
Tier: Second
Location: San Francisco, CA
Time on Kiva: November 21, 2011 (63 months)
Total loans: $103,000


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