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We loan because...
Planting and sustaining trees can provide a long lasting source of income, an important food supply, protection for the environment as well as shelter for wildlife and livestock. All this and they add beauty too.
He who plants a tree, plants a hope.
~Lucy Larcom.

About us
We love trees in all their various shapes and sizes; preferring loans that plant trees or keep them standing and producing, rather than ones that cut them down for their wood. The key word is sustainability.
We understand that a tree can have a multitude of wonderful uses and here are just a few:
- Alleviates the "Greenhouse Effect" by absorbing CO2, storing the carbon and producing oxygen.
- Prevents or reduces soil erosion and water pollution; acting as windbreaks, conserving rainwater, and reducing water runoff and sediment deposit after storms.
- Provides shade for livestock and people
- Provides a sustainable source of food or income.
Includes -
- Fruit trees such as apple, apricot, avocado, cacao, calamondin (calamansi), Carambola(Star Fruit )carob, cherry, custard apple (sugar apple), coconut, durian, fig, guava, grapefruit, jocote (spondias purpurea), jackfruit, Jujube,lemon, lime, longan, mandarins, mango, mangosteen, marang, mulberry, Nanches, nectarine, olive, orange, papaya, peach, persimmon, pitaya (dragonfruit), plum, pomegranate, quince, Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota or Sapota) tamarillo (tree tomato)
- Nut trees such as almond, brazil, cashew, chestnut, hazelnut, Mahogany, Pecan, pistachio, Walnut
- Almacigo
- Banana, not technically a tree, but we're not going to be pedantic about that!
- Coffee
- Copperwood
- Cork
- Croton tree ( for it's nuts)
- Falcata
- Grevillea
- Khat - for its leaves.
- Laurel
- Mahogany
- Moringa
- Paulownia
- Resin
- Rubber
- Tagua Palm (also known as Ivory Palms or Ivory-nut Palms )- nut is carved and known as vegetable ivory
- Tara
Lets not forget that Trees are just beautiful too !

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Team Activity

  • Joesvan
    Puerto Rico
    Joesvan received a loan from Andy which helps to buy more seeds and fertilizer and work with the water colector to capture the rain water and reuse in the fields and more workers.
  • Penina
    Penina received a loan from 2 team members her grow more miraa (khat) plants and add stock to sell to her clients.
    Lidia Helen
  • Amie's Ebola Survivors Group
    Sierra Leone
    Amie's Ebola Survivors Group received a loan from Helen to pay for improved seed, organic inputs and tractor rental which will allow these farmers to escape subsistence by farming a larger area with a higher yield.
  • Jose Maria
    Jose Maria received a loan from j to purchase manure and fertilizers for his palm crop.
  • Azimuth Solar
    Sierra Leone
    Azimuth Solar received a loan from Aartjan to purchase solar lanterns and solar home systems in Sierra Leone.
  • Harutyun
    Harutyun received a loan from 3 team members to buy young fruit trees for his garden in order to enlarge it, and also to buy fertilizer for his land.
    j Leena Anna
  • Jose Dolores
    Jose Dolores received a loan from j to buy supplies to improve the conditions in his coffee farm that he works with his family.
  • Cafe Compadre
    Cafe Compadre received a loan from Aartjan build a solar-powered coffee roasting plant in Cusco and help 40 local farmers increase their income by 70%.
  • Hilario
    Hilario received a loan from 2 team members to buy a solar system to improve the level of living for his family.
    A. Redd Katt Bernard
  • Patzulin Group
    Patzulin Group received a loan from Helen to buy agricultural supplies and to pay for farm labor.

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