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We loan because...
By empowering girls and women in the fight for women's rights, poverty reduction, education and health promotion, we are helping to create a fairer and better world for everyone.

From Lydia, a much loved former team captain:

"The most fulfilled people are the ones who get up every morning and stand for something larger than themselves. They are the people who care about others, who will extend a helping hand to someone in need or will speak up about an injustice when they see it." ~~~ Wilma Mankiller, first female Tribal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (Native Americans)

About us
This team supports the work of Kiva, improving the lives of people around the world who have limited financial means, and who would not otherwise have the means to improve their
lives, those of their families, and their communities. Our team members loan for different activities, mainly to women, especially to those who are widowed, single or single parents, supporting a family, a refugee, or caring for orphans, but also to men who support women and girls. Sometimes loans to women are at risk of not being supported, so we highlight these to increase their chance of being fully funded.

We also raise awareness of the issues of violence against women and girls, their education, maternal health and human rights.

Best Wishes.

Safe Girls Team Captains.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides the legal / ethical framework with which Safe Girls Team works to inform our team members about women's and girl's rights and those of wider society:

As individuals we determine the kind of world we live in. By caring for others and the world around us, we are empowered to make a better world for all.

Christine, a team member reminds us that:

"Little things make big things happen." - John Wooden.

For news, views, and actions you can take to support women and girls visit us on facebook here:

Sexual harassment is a problem endured by most women at some time in their lives. The research shown on our team front page is from 1993, and still the problem persists!

Please sign the petition to bring about a new law wherever you come from in the world and pass it on through facebook, twitter, and other social media . This will help stop the problem in the UK as it has in France, and will encourage other nations to protect their women with new laws.

The UN argues the need for cultural change and a shift to zero tolerance - absolutely right.

"The Woman in the Street:" Reclaiming the Public Space from Sexual Harassment. (Article, 1993).

'He said: "I’d break the law for you." I was 13': calling time on street harassment (Video, 10 October, 2019).

Make Street Harassment Illegal in the UK. (Petition, October, 2019).

French police issue almost 450 fines under street harassment law (Article, 30 April, 2019).

Here’s What Street Harassment Is Like In Eight Countries Around The World. (Article, 11April, 2016).

Why stopping street harassment matters. (Article, 2019).

What will it take? Promoting cultural change to end sexual harassment. (Document, September 2019).

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Team Activity

  • Batu Ni Bitu Group
    Congo (DRC)
    Batu Ni Bitu Group received a loan from Lori Jeanne to source 2 cans of oil, spices, peanuts, tomatoes, and flavors, which will strengthen her initial capital.
    Lori Jeanne
    $1,325 to go
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  • Maria Luna
    Maria Luna received a loan from Karen to build a sanitary toilet for her family.
  • Sunti
    Sunti received a loan from Louisa to build a water pump for clean water for her family.
  • Mary
    Mary received a loan from Johanna to purchase reeds and sisal ropes.
  • 'anavea
    'anavea received a loan from 3 team members to buy raw materials for her business and also to pay her son's tuition fee.
    Johanna Felice Charlene
  • Siliver
    Siliver received a loan from Johanna to buy more sacks of groundnuts and maize to sell to his customers.
    $375 to go
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  • Natalia
    Natalia received a loan from Felice to buy more young chickens to raise on her farm.
  • Sokny
    Sokny received a loan from Ania to build a safe latrine at home.
    $125 to go
    Lend Now
  • Sarah
    Sarah received a loan from Hato Cerimovic to buy clothing materials and a sewing machine for her tailoring business.
    Hato Cerimovic

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