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We loan because...
By empowering girls and women in the fight for women's rights, poverty reduction, education and health promotion, we are helping to create a fairer and better world for everyone.

"The most fulfilled people are the ones who get up every morning and stand for something larger than themselves. They are the people who care about others, who will extend a helping hand to someone in need or will speak up about an injustice when they see it." ~~~ Wilma Mankiller, first female Tribal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (Native Americans)

About us
This team supports the work of Kiva, improving the lives of people around the world who have limited financial means, and who would not otherwise have the means to improve their
lives, those of their families, and their communities. Our team members loan for different activities, mainly to women, especially to those who are widowed, single or single parents, supporting a family, a refugee, or caring for orphans, but also to men.

We also raise awareness of the issues of violence against women and girls, their education, maternal health and human rights.

Best Wishes.

Safe Girls Team Captains.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides the legal / ethical framework with which Safe Girls Team works to inform our team members about women's and girl's rights and those of wider society:

As individuals we determine the kind of world we live in. By caring for others and the world around us, we are empowered to make a better world for all.

This months team page is about the effects of conflict on the most vulnerable members of humanity - our children.

"If We Are To Teach Real Peace In This World, And If We Are To Carry On A Real War Against War, We Shall Have To Begin With The Children.”
Mahatma Gandhi.

Everywoman - Child Soldier. (Video, 13th July, 2007).

Invisible Wounds: The impact of six years of war on Syria's children. (pdf document, 2017).

Kiva Labs – Supporting Refugees. (Article, 2017).

Terrorism and War: How to Talk to Children. (Article, March, 2017).

Most shocking Second a Day Video 1 &2. (Video, 18th August 2016).

Childhood Under Siege. (pdf, March, 2016).

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Inside Afghanistan's hospitals: Children left for dead amid escalating violence. (Article, 31st May, 2017).

Maher Zain-Love Will Prevail. (Music Video, 11th May, 2013).

Impact of War on Children and Imperative to End War. (pdf, Dec, 2006).

Pope Francis: 'the protection of migrants is a moral duty'.

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Tom's Corner.

Our team member interviewee this round is Elsa from Portugal. She has been lending to borrowers via Kiva for nine years, and does not remember any longer how she came across Kiva. Elsa does remember, however, feeling inspired when she learned of the creation of the idea of micro lending by Dr Muhammad Yunus. She does not feel Kiva is very well known in her country, though she tries to spread the word herself. Elsa feels there is a general distrust of institutions in Portugal, and that that may colour peoples’ perception of Kiva, even though she feels that is not deserved. She relates that there is enough poverty in Portugal to merit a field partner linking individuals interested in borrowing to Kiva lenders.

Elsa tends to favour loans to women, and particularly women in farming. She has a strong interest in preserving heirloom and endemic seeds, about which she provides more information in her Kiva profile. It is her conviction that traditional seeds are a form of wealth, and that they are genuinely under threat at present.

We learn from Elsa that Portugal has generally conservative values, and a strong Catholic tradition, but that nevertheless there is a good balance between genders. Portugal was one of the first countries to allow women to hold University degrees, and to allow them to vote in national elections. Portugal was also the first country to abolish slavery in the eighteenth century. Elsa states that it is likely the most balanced country of the Mediterranean/Latin areas of Europe.

Elsa is well travelled, and speaks no fewer than five languages fluently. She lived in London for ten years. Her recreational activities include walking, meditation, permaculture, and natural farming. She has volunteered helping with provision of food to those in need, and with training dogs to be used by individuals who are blind.

When asked what features she especially likes about her home country, Elsa mentions “thousands of miles of wonderful beaches”, its being a peaceful country, and that it has many and varied historic influences and traditions, and “wonderful weather and beautiful food and wine”.

Sounds appealing to me! My thanks to Elsa for participating in this interview.


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