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We loan because...
We believe that people from other countries should be able to help their community in order to make it a better place, to also ensure security with food, water, and other agricultural needs which they do not have to provide for their families.
The Ultimate Goal

· Our ultimate goal, in the Kiva micro financing is to raise up to $2000 dollars and perhaps beyond. If the best could happen, it would probably be organizing all companies who are committed to donate some money to our project, sponsor Kiva and our group to raise donations which can other communities with local business’ and other importance’s that the area needs. A win for our Kiva project is to help as many opening business’ and agricultures for the better of the community. One way to know how our project is working is by feedbacks from Kiva and receiving money from that individual (s).

· Many people will benefit from our project, mostly the area surrounding of the business. It would increase the local economy and ensure safety and source of food.

· The obstacles that we might face are fraud, misusage of money, money transactions failure. By seeing what is happening to that specific location from Kiva.
· Are budget is raising money to buy like a game console. Then when we do that we will get raffle tickets and sell them for kids / junior highs so we know who is participating. When we get the money from this event we will put the money in the Kiva group that we will make and send to people who need the money.

· Kiva, grameen bank, micro finance,, cgap, mfc, and others that would provide same needs to others.

· The task that are in need to accomplish for our group is to completely help the people who are in the poorest town and that have little.

About us
Our team, really funny and reasonable with unfortunates who were turned down by other business' or by banks, you could say that we are believers in people to change themselves and the people around them.

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  • Mahmadsoleh
    Mahmadsoleh received a loan from Leah to pay for his brother’s tuition at the Energy Institute.
  • Essineta
    Essineta received a loan from Leah to buy construction materials.
  • Juan Jesús
    El Salvador
    Juan Jesús received a loan from Leah to buy supplies for his farming business.
  • Saltanat
    Saltanat received a loan from Leah to buy food, to start a new activity and make a profit.
  • Aisha
    Aisha received a loan from Leah to buy more sodas and mineral water to sell.
  • Maria Cresencia
    El Salvador
    Maria Cresencia received a loan from Leah to invest in buying fertilizers, seeds, and other nutrients for her fields.
  • Neelu Viany
    Neelu Viany received a loan from Leah to buy construction materials in order to provide her family with a safe home.
  • Hau's Group
    Hau's Group received a loan from Alex to buy fertilizer to fertilize the rice field.
  • Isdianto
    Isdianto received a loan from Kyra to buy 50 water purifiers to sell to his fellow villagers providing them with safe drinking water.
  • Rehema
    Rehema received a loan from George to purchase bales of clothes for resale.

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