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Hello Everbody,My name is Kristaps Akmens and i am from Europe, Country Called Latvia
im 22 years Old..
i was born 1990. 21. march ..
In European Country Named Latvia, It Was Then Under Russian PSRS =[
while i been in my mom my mom got a big stress.
our house always broke down and everything then was tragedy for us, my dad then did not understand what is a "own child" ..
i was born,my dad started to understand things about son and daughter , but that was to late to think im a "perfect Child" when i was 3 Years i was diagnosed A Heart Problem.When i was 3 years old i had my first operation for it..
after that my mom had no good job because its hard to find job here..
So I Didn`t Have people who support us and my condition..
then i grew up, schooling,Learning and everything =]
my mom and dad made my life much better, they tried really hard for me and i love them and respect them all the way up.
i remember , then i was 10 years and im going back to home from school and this HUGE headache Hited Me, it was not normal. it was so painfull i thinked it would be easyer to die then feel that pain. i get to the home and all i se was pich black - nothing..
i cried because i was young and that pain was just , just Extreme .
then my parrents get me to the hospital..
after some inspecting doctor come to me and said : kristap, you need operation for your heart Again..
at that moment i think my heart stoped because my parrents tell me that the operation is not easy, not easy for no one.. its hard to deal with things like that..
i was in shock after i understanded what was coming to me And My Family again..
and now its not just a heart problem, its combined heart problems, so they are multiply ...
i saw how my mom and dad react to that, it was frightening and i was only 10 Years old..
so i got off the school, stop everything and some of my family friends helped us ..
then i get to the Poland,there doctors knows how to do that kind of operation,
it was all good after that and i thinked atlast I CAN BE ME because i love so much things in life .. you just cant imagine how i love my life, no matter that im disabled from energetic works and fun. im happy , you know, life and living..
i started to love art, music, filming and stuff. but my family And Me was poor, they could not support me in those things i love because they are expensive and i was all about Practice. i never had fancy stuffs, never had cellphone back in the days.
i was a loving life kid with much love for everyone, but money : my family didn`t had because the doctors and everything is expensive..
so i lived my life happy, you can`t even imagine how happy i was when i waked up from operation when i was 10 years. i cried because im a life and its all okey, i saw my mom and she smiled to me , my dad and my syster could not go to the Poland because we was short of money allready ..
i started to be even more greatfull for My life and what i had,I appreciate everything that i had.. i was happiest kid in world..
we get back from Poland to Latvia And We Lived Our Lifes almost without money,food and some of the bills, but we was extra happy for having Me in it.. and i appreciated everything what my family and peoples did it to me..
then years past away.. i was in art and photography a little and i started to love that things.. and i love them now to..
i love so much things , so much what we can do in this world.. and so much peoples who don`t appreciate it and drink, smokes and use drugs. i just can`t understand it.. =[
so the years past and when i was 18 i get to the doctors and they say i had a new problem, i don`t need operation then but i will need in some years, i was okey with that..then my dad died when i was 19 years old.. it was a tradegy to family because he was only one who got incoms in our family...
i cant do a real job because doctor telled me that i cant do hard things now and never ever..
i still love my things, photography and movies, editing some videos and stuff.. but here in Latvia we got almost nothing to do that and if it is they are not interested in people who got skills Without Any papers That Proof You CAN , they need peoples who are with education in it, i don`t have it because like i was saying..
here is hard to live if you don`t have money And Heath and i didn`t have it at all..
so i was helping peoples out with fixing they computers for a little money..
now when i was 20 years i had problems again, i had these adrealin hits..
Let me...i tell you what it is..
im sitting normally, relaxed and BUM, the hearts starts to pump the blood like crazy, im all shaking in panich and cant do nothing to it, so i go to the doctor again and he says, hey , i remember you, i was operating you in 1993 then i telled him, how happy i am for peoples like him because he is a life saver and stuff..
he checks me out , al the papers and echocardiography`s. he look up to me from hes desk and said, hey, Kristap, Im sorry, but you need a new heart operation because some of the heart cambars are blocking and my heart valve is to small , it need to be replaced or corrected because it gives back half a blood. i was like, OHH.. MY GOD. Here We Go Again..
after that i tried to find a job, NOTHING..
i try to do best of me : NOTHING
i helped peoples and hope they giv me something, if they didn`t i understand it because its hard and these times is tuff, there are need for peoples who helps..
my mom is out of job for some years now..
all we got is my benefit which are 164 LS in mounth
its like 310 USD in Month !
we had taxes very expensive here.
my pills are costing more then that alone. we cant eat or i had my adrealin hits because of my nervous system and heart condition..
now im 22. and im seriously OUT of thinking WHAT to Do..
because i need that operation and i don`t want that my mom is going to another country to work because of my operation, i want that she lives great, i can`t work .. my syster is in U.K. and she is in her own troubles allready, huge troubles ..
so i guess my life isn`t so much BRILLIANT at all..
im happy for what i am, im always trying to help everyone.. sometimes i give peoples things that i own, because i know what it is to Dont have something that you want.. i know all about it..
i try i try to do my best.
i want that to peoples remember me as a good person.. and i love to help everyone, but all my friends are not with bank acounts full of money, i cant ask them anything.. i hope you understand my situation in my life so i leave you here. if you can help me somehow.. contact me please..

Location: Latvia      


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