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We loan because...
"Thou shalt share, that none may seek without funding."

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Members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

For Kiva tips and who knows what the FSM will move us to add for mutual benefit & merriment: and

Secular vs religious Field Partners, see links at

or this google sheet

To see all the loans available from Partners that don't actively push religion on their borrowers, click on the looong link at the end of this message.
you'll see the LEND screen in your browser with only loans from Field Partners with a Secular Rating of 2 to 4 (4 being most secular). From there you can use additional sort terms on the LEND screen.
Based on the work of volunteers on the A+ team. The latter evaluate Field Partners as shown on,15,23,30,40,42,48,55,56,57,58,59,61,62,63,65,74,77,78,80,81,82,87,93,96,97,98,100,105,106,108,110,111,112,113,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,126,127,130,131,137,138,140,143,145,146,148,150,151,154,156,159,163,164,166,167,169,171,173,175,176,177,181,182,183,184,185,187,190,198,199,201,202,204,205,206,210,213,215,217,219,225,226,227,228,229,231,238,239,240,241,242,243,245,246,247,249,254,255,257,258,260,261,262,263,273,274,275,276,279,281,282,285,286,287,288,289,290,292,294,295,296,298,299,300,301,302,304,305,306,307,309,311,313,315,316,317,319,322,324,325,326,327,328,329,330,331,333,334,337,339,340,341,342,344,346,347,350,351,353,354,356,357,358,359,361,363,364,365,367,368,369,370,376,377,379,380,381,382,383,384,385,386,388,389,390,391,392,393,394,395,396,397,398,401,402,403,404,405,406,407,408,411,412,413,415,416,417,418,421,422,423,427,428,429,430,431,432,435,436,437,438,439,440,441,442,443,444,445,446,448,449,450,451,452,454,455,

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Team Activity

  • Shugfta
    Shugfta received a loan from Michael to construct classrooms in her school.
  • Rawad
    Rawad received a loan from 7 team members to buy a flying camera to enhance his production.
    Renate Bas Bobby Henderson Marit SusanNepaliKeroseneQueue Lynne Julia
     Only 46 hours left! 
    $75 to go
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  • Godofredo
    Godofredo received a loan from TonyB to buy goods such as canned goods, noodles, eggs, cooking oil, food seasonings, cereals and drinks.
     Only 28 hours left! 
    $25 to go
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  • Ganiwe Group
    Ganiwe Group received a loan from 2 team members to buy more material such as yarns in different colors and fabric.
    TonyB Jay
    $200 to go
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  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel received a loan from TonyB to purchase housing materials such as sand, cement and galvanized sheet for house repair.
    $225 to go
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  • Manuel
    Manuel received a loan from Nate to buy construction materials such as cement, lime, sand, and blocks so that he can begin building his house.
  • Restita
    Restita received a loan from TonyB to buy fruits and vegetables, such as bananas and mongo (known as mung) beans.
  • Luisa
    Luisa received a loan from 1 team members to buy a welding machine, a buffer, car paint, tools and a tire pump.
    Default lender image
    $3,425 to go
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  • Yeang's Group
    Yeang's Group received a loan from Jay to buy a water filter to provide safe drinking water for their family.
    $75 to go
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  • Ayman
    Ayman received a loan from Glitch to buy a Solarium (solar panel).
    $925 to go
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  • Jerry
    Jerry received a loan from 2 team members to purchase organic fertilizer and seedlings.
    Glitch TonyB
  • Ngim's Group
    Ngim's Group received a loan from Glitch to buy a water filter to provide safe drinking water for her family.

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