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We loan because...
we want to bring lenders from different teams together and show some Kiva love to loans have so far been overlooked. We want to help get them funded by organizing a Flash Mob to these loans.

The effect of many lenders loaning to the same loan at the same time is that the loan will show up on page 1 of the popularity sort, which is the default page that most lenders look at when they come to Kiva. So besides the loans from the Flash Mob team, Flash Mob loans often attract many additional loans from other lenders who just happened to log into Kiva at this time. Sometimes a loan gets completely funded within the hour!

Feel free to keep attributing your loans to your favorite team, it is fun to see many different team logos on the same loan.

About us
Primary Flash Mob time is 9am US West Coast / noon EST / 6pm MET / 4am AET

If you can't join the primary Flash Mob, a second Flash Mob time is 11pm US West Coast / 2am EST / 8am MET / 6pm AET

SUMMER USA SCHEDULE. As in previous years, during our summer, the Kiva Flash Mob loan will be a Monday - Friday operation. Lending always dips severely at weekends in mid-summer. We shall return to the full, 7 days a week listing on Saturday September 17th,

The loan will be posted two to three hours in advance to give you time to research it. For maximum Flash Mob impact, please try to loan exactly at Flash Mob time.

For email alerts with just the daily loan link, please join and set your email preferences for that team to immediate delivery. For a comprehensive description of the Flash Mob loan, to talk to other Flash Mobbers and to suggest loans, please join this team.

Loans selected for the Flash Mob are typically within 2 weeks of expiration (preferably red-boxed) and completely unfunded or lacking a substantial amount. For suggestions please message the captains.

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Team Activity

  • Hala
    Hala received a loan from Geeks2point0 to increase her merchandise with mobile phone accessories and prepaid cards and to start selling dresses as second source of income.
     Only 3 days left! 
    $1,025 to go
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  • Ivana
    United States
    Ivana received a loan from 1 team members buy more printing machines and expand marketing.
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  • María Teresa
    María Teresa received a loan from 1 team members to carry out an expansion of her premises for which she needs to buy building materials and more stocks of grocery items, vegetables, dairy products etc.
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  • Tuyết
    Tuyết received a loan from Judith to purchase sand, cement, brick and equipment to build a biogas system.
  • Emma
    Emma received a loan from 2 team members to pay for 8 pigs and an ox to expand her farm.
    Sebastian Cathy
  • Mirgul
    Mirgul received a loan from 1 team members to buy additional calves in order to increase her livestock headcount.
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  • Florentín Santos
    El Salvador
    Florentín Santos received a loan from 1 team members to purchase two heifers to raise and sell in time.
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  • Abdullah
    Abdullah received a loan from Eric to purchase a 150 W solar panel, a 100 amp battery, a solar charge controller, a power inverter, a DC/AC LED TV, bulbs, and cables.
  • Nafisa
    Nafisa received a loan from 2 team members to buy doors and windows for her house.
    Tim Cathy
  • Veenus
    Veenus received a loan from Geeks2point0 to buy a sewing machine for her tailoring business.
  • Patricia
    Patricia received a loan from Clarence to build capital for her new business of mobile transactions.

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