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progress is stepping back from planetary boundaries and toward meeting folks' basic needs. Many Kiva loans do both. You will find those loans here on Climate Pilots. The best one awaiting your support right now is the current Team Loan on Runners up are listed on

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Newcomers, please ask questions. We are learning together.

We have funded some terrific loans. African Clean Energy (ACE) is selling a new product. They are financing $130 solar cookstoves over 14 months to off-grid folks who were using inefficient wood or charcoal fires. The potential market is huge, billions of folks. If ACE can scale up, their stoves could help as much as solar.

Baobab+ is another fabulous field partner. Their goal is to sell on installments solar lights to all 600 million off-grid Africans. Their solar kits are cheaper, cleaner, better than kerosene, generators or candles. We funded several dozen of their sales in little while ago and now are waiting for them to sell more.

Kiva's bread and butter loans are fabulous also. The used clothing dealers are part of a global recycling system. And they empower the poorest with self-employment. And they meet basic needs of the most humble of humanity. Kiva and the other microlenders are the best at helping people help themselves.

Reducing food waste is a huge climate solution according to Project Drawdow. Refrigerators for small food vendors reduce food waste. In Kiva countries, most folks don't have a fridge and depend on the corner store for perishables and ice. Small silos for subsistence farmers help them keep the wet and mice out of their stored food.

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  • Seepa
    Seepa received a loan from Heather to buy banana tubes, taro roots, a wheelbarrow, a water tank, hand gloves, a rake, a shovel, chemicals and a back blower.
    $975 to go
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  • Ugafode Microfinance
    Ugafode Microfinance received a loan from 58 team members to invest in technology to serve borrowers remotely and to continue operations including paying staff salaries during the COVID-19 crisis.
    Eleanor B Kathleen Jaycie Nancy Lynn Sheryl Bryce Kathe Eugene & Sharon Emily Belkis Caron Geraldine Camille Anders Chris Susan Thierry Elisabeth Amanda Cheong Gina-Michelle TooTallSid Bryce tamar Tully Janice Kathryn Rich Chuck Janine Thomas Florian Erick & Mr. D. Asa GRACIA Linden Energieblogger marlene Emily Naturschutzzentrum Long Mark Hana John Joanne Katarina Heather Kathryn Isabel michele Erhard Kyle Martin George Bruce 2Fish Talitha
    $70,300 to go
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  • Yader Samuel
    Yader Samuel received a loan from Eleanor B to buy cell phones, memory cards, chips, hands-free devices and keyboards for laptops.
    Eleanor B
    $275 to go
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  • Sogepal
    Sogepal received a loan from 24 team members to purchase d.light solar lanterns that will be sold to rural customers in Mozambique.
    Jes Ryan Martin David Fay Melissa Eleanor B Sander Isabel Raúl Margaret Tilman Kelly Amanda Jo Sparbuch Erhard Oak Grove Presbyterian Church Akshat Bryce Naturschutzzentrum Martijn HEG Heidelberger Energiegenossenschaft eG Kurt Erhard
    $6,000 to go
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  • Franceline
    Burkina Faso
    Franceline received a loan from Ryan to buy two bags of onions and save to take care of her children.
  • Women's Power Group
    Sierra Leone
    Women's Power Group received a loan from 2 team members to pay for improved seed, organic inputs, and tractor rental, which will allow these farmers to escape subsistence by farming a larger area with a higher yield.
    Ryan Martin
  • John
    United States
    John received a loan from 2 team members which helps me to sustain our business and to pay the outstanding bills.
    Christi Martin
    $4,750 to go
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  • Famille Hericieux Group
    Congo (DRC)
    Famille Hericieux Group received a loan from 3 team members to buy appliances (radios, solar panels, batteries, etc.).
    Akshat Erhard HEG Heidelberger Energiegenossenschaft eG
  • Deevabits Green Energy
    Deevabits Green Energy received a loan from 5 team members to alleviate energy poverty among rural Kenyans and purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff during COVID-19.
    Akshat Katto Martin Elisabeth Erhard
    $35,250 to go
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  • Friendship Bridge
    Friendship Bridge received a loan from Eleanor B this Field Partner use technology to reach Guatemala women to provide loans, education, and health services during the crisis.
    Eleanor B
    $198,150 to go
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  • Micrédito
    Micrédito received a loan from 3 team members to provide loans to 450 smallholder farmers, helping them feed themselves, their families, and the country during COVID-19.
    Eleanor B Theo Askov Claire and Alistair
    $490,325 to go
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