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Martins Ferry, Virginia, United States
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Garrett slipped his Batman mask on and went to the cell. He carried a metal basin filled with apples and cheese. Bill rose when he saw him. The others were too tired. They looked at him wearily. "What do you want?" Bill said in a gruff manner. "Is that angry manner anyway to greet a man bearing gifts?" He walked halfway to them and set the bowl on the floor. The family didn't move. Alise asked, "Why do you wear a mask? We've seen your face." "Have you wondered why the lights are so bright? There are hidden cameras all around you. I earn a pretty penny live streaming you. People pay to see you, but I don't want them to see me. The mask keeps me anonymous and unidentified." Garrett pushed the bowl toward them and said, "Go on. Eat." Bill came forward, picked up the bowl, and brought it to his kin. Hands shot out, grabbed the food, and they devoured it. Garrett laughed and said, "It tastes good, doesn't it? It's amazing how good even simple foods can taste when you're hungry." "What do you want?" Bill asked. "I have a deal for you and your family." "I'm listening," Bill said. "Successfully deals are ones where everyone gets something they want. I brought you food as a gesture of goodwill. You should do something for me." "Like what?" "Let me fuck your wife and daughter." "Never!" Bill shouted. Garrett laughed and pulled a large knife out of a leather sheath on his hip. He toyed with it and said, "Calm down. We're negotiating. That was just an opening bid." Garret gave them all a hard look. His dark eyes went dead. Devoid of emotion, he said in a cold, raspy voice, "A successful negotiator must know his goal and the strength of his position and that of his adversary. I'm in a very strong position. I could kill you all or let you starve." He focused his unwavering stare on the father and said, "I'd think your goal, Bill, would be not to have that happen." Garrett put the knife away, he went and got the empty bowl. He set it down by the bucket of water. He poured water into the basin. He reached into his back pocket and retrieved a bottle of liquid soap. He opened it, brought it to his nose, and said, Ahh. Lavender. What a pleasant fragrance." He looked at Joy, smiled, and said, "Mother, perhaps you are more reasonable. Maybe we can negotiate. As a gesture of goodwill, come over here, put your feet in the bowl, and let me wash them. I promise, on my mother's grave, that I will not touch you above your ankles." Garrett knelt by the bowl. Joy stood and whispered to her husband, "We have no good options. I'd better play along." She walked to him. Since she was still chained to Isaac and he came too. She sat on the floor and placed her pretty feet in the water. Her son stood behind her. "Thank you," Garrett said. He reached out and touched her ankle. Joy jumped when he made contact. Her heart was pounding, but she stayed. He gently rubbed her feet and toes. Then, he put the lavender soap on his hands and he washed her feet thoroughly. All eyes were on him. No one moved or spoke. The big man seemed mesmerized and thrilled to be washing Joy's feet. He spent a good ten minutes on the task. He touched and examined every aspect of her foot: each toe, her curved arches, and sturdy heels. Garrett was enthralled. The others found it to be creepy. The man in charge stroked her foot and said, "You need food and water. I can provide them. You'd be more comfortable with mats. I can provide them." He stood and went over to the sliding door. He pulled out a key, unlocked the large padlock, removed it, and pushed on the door. It slid along a tract and disappeared into a pocket in the wall. He revealed a full bathroom. He said, "This is much better than a bucket. This bathroom has a real toilet and a sink and shower with hot and cold water." He walked over to a cabinet, opened it, and pointed inside as he said, "In here is shampoo. Soap. Nice, soft toilet paper and a box of Tampons. There are also toothbrushes and toothpaste. Razors. Etc." He turned to face them and said, "I can make your stay here more comfortable. You can make it more interesting." Joy stood, guessed where this was going, and said forcefully, "I'm not having sex with you!" Garrett chuckled, "I could get my gun, shoot your son and husband, and rape you and your daughter until I get tired of you. Then, I'd slit your throats and feed you to my hogs." Joy took a step back. His words shocked her. Garrett smiled. He was pleased with the reaction. He said, "That's what I would have done in the old days. I was such a bad man. But my bad habits have caught up with me. "I have type 2 diabetes. I've ignored it and now I'm paying the price. I can't get an erection. I haven't had one in ages. The doctors tell me my years of not controlling my blood sugar have damaged the nerves and blood vessels necessary to get hard. Rape is not an option. So I'll concede a point to you. I will not have sex with you or your daughter." "Thank you," Joy said. "In exchange for that promise, the bathroom, better food, and bedding, you and your family will strip and be naked at all times and when you and Alise shower, I get to wash both of you." "No. Just me," Joy said. "I'll get naked and you can only wash me. And the chains come off." Garrett laughed and said, "No. The chains stay on. Everyone is naked. I get to wash you one day and your daughter the next." "No." He looked Joy in the eye, measuring her reaction, and made a counteroffer. "Or I never touch your daughter and I get to wash your body once. Everyone showers every day and the partner you are paired with will wash the other." "What is the point of this? Being naked and the showers?" Bill asked. Garrett said, "Didn't you think it was strange that my cabin had no running water and no electricity, yet this place has heat, electricity, and a modern bathroom?" Bill nodded. The mountain man said. "This place is partially for my amusement, but also how I earn a living. You'd be surprised how many people around the world will pay to live-stream people in chains, peeing in buckets, and so hungry that they will eat live goldfish." He smiled at them and enjoyed the look of astonishment on their faces. He savored it and said, "I will get more money if the four of you are naked and shower and wash each other." He laughed and said, "I'd make even more money if you'd have sex with each other. Mom-son. Father-daughter. Mother-daughter. Incest earns big bucks. Interested? I could afford to upgrade your food. It would be steak every night and plush beds instead of mats." He leered at the family. Bill and Joy answered in unison, "NO!" Garrett rambled on. "Yes, incest pays well, but pedophiles are willing to pay big dollars. If you had another kid, a young boy or girl, five or six-years-old that would be like hitting the lottery." "You bastard!" Bill said. "Yes. I'm a bad man," Garrett said. "Take a minute and talk over my offer, I'm willing to pass up fondling the daughter if Mother and son wash each other and dad and daughter do likewise and I get one crack at Mom." Garrett went into the bathroom, whipped out his dick, and pissed in the toilet. He flushed and washed his hands in the sink. He lingered in the bathroom. While he was busy in the bathroom, the Curtis family gathered. "I don't like it," Bill said. "No one likes it," Joy responded. "He has us on a starvation diet," Isaac said. "A couple of small fish a day are not enough to live on. We're growing weaker every day and becoming more susceptible to disease." "I don't want that pervert to touch me," Alise said. "I need food. My period will be here soon. I don't want to have blood running down my leg." "We are playing for time," Bill said. "He'll slip up, we'll overpower him, and escape. Until then, we need to be healthy and strong. We need to eat." "I agree," Joy said. "So we'll do it?" The others nodded. Joy turned to Garrett and said, "You have a deal." She reached behind her back to unhook her bra. "Good, but don't get undress yet," Garrett said. "We have an audience to please. Instead of you just taking your clothes off, let's do it more dramatically. I'm going to cut them off you." "What?" Bill said. "Why do you think I have this big, razor-sharp, Bowie knife with me?" the big man said and laughed. "Don't worry. I've done it before. It's not in my interest to damage the merchandise. "Come here, boy," he said to Isaac. "I'll do you first. The homosexual community is giving your big cock rave reviews. Pull the waistband out and I'll cut one side and then the other." Isaac did as instructed. The sharp blade sliced through the cotton fabric easily. "Toss it aside." Isaac threw his shredded underwear on the floor. His limp dick nestled in his thick, black pubic hair like a baby bird in a nest. Garrett stepped up to Joy, "I'll start with your bra." He cut her bra straps and then stood in front of her and placed the cold, steel blade at the juncture of her cups. He held the thick band and slowing sawed through it. With the tip of the blade, he flicked the cups off exposing her womanly bosom. "Very nice," Garrett said. He took advantage of being so close to her and stared intently at her boobs. Lust shown in his eyes. Bill stepped forward protectively. The mountain man smiled at Joy and said, "Time to get rid of those panties. Hold the sides out and I'll slice through the material." She pulled the waistband on one side and then the other. His knife cut through the fabric. "Toss the panties to the floor." Joy did as he ordered. She stood naked before her captor, her family, and God knows how many people watching online. She was very attractive, of medium height, with dark, black, curly hair on her head and pussy. Her jet black hair framed her face and emphasized her large brown eyes, button nose, and downplayed her thin lips. She had a good figure. She wasn't super fit. She was a woman with curves. She had a nice waist. Her stomach wasn't a washboard, but it wasn't fat and flabby. She had a bit of a pouch. The forty-six-year-old looked younger than her age. Her heavy boobs sagged naturally, which emphasized their size. Her pussy was hidden behind a tangled thicket of black hair. Garrett walked over to Bill. He made quick work of his underwear and soon Bill's uncircumcised cock was swinging in the wind. Next, he stepped up to Alise. "Be still, " he said softly to reassure the nervous young woman. Her body was shaking. Her dad reached out and held a hand. Her mother nodded and gave her a closed mouth smile and said, 'You can do this'. Garrett had the knife skim along the top of her breasts and under her bra straps. He cut them cleanly. Next, he slid the knife down in between her boobs with the blade out. He held the bridge, the center point of the bra between the cups, and sawed through it. He pulled the destroyed garment off, exposing her firm, ripe tits. Alise immediately covered them with her hands. Her face turned red. She was embarrassed that her nipples were hard and pointy, but also because her breasts were tanned. Garrett circled around behind her. He had the blade glide down her back into the cleavage of her butt. He toyed with her. He slid the blade through her butt crack, pulled it out, and let it glide back down through the valley formed by her buttocks. "Oh!" she gasped. Having the cold steel so close to her most intimate parts scared her. Garrett chuckled and sliced through the thin band and the back panel of her pink panties. He cut until the tip of the blade was under her slit. Then he pulled on her panties and cut them on the side as he had done to the others. He yanked the shredded bikini panties off her. "Mommy and Daddy," Garrett said, "Did you know your little girl sunbathes in the nude? Look at her tanned tush and tits. Alise, you have a pretty, bald cunt. Are you a waxer or shaver?" The Curtis family were stoic and stared at him with hate in their eyes. Garrett laughed at them and continued to try and get under their skin. He held up Alise's underwear. They were stained with vaginal secretions. He pressed the soiled crotch panel to his nose and breathed in deeply. "Mmm. What a bouquet!" He savored her essence and then said, "This will fetch a pretty penny from the pantie sniffing crowd." "You sick bastard!" Bill snarled. He moved toward the bigger man. "Careful, Pops," Garrett said and brandished the knife. Garrett backed away from Bill. He gathered the undergarments and took them out of the room. He returned with a pot and a large spoon. He set the pot down and tossed the wooden spoon to Isaac. The teen caught it. "Look our new arrangement is paying dividends for you already. Venison stew. Enjoy." He left the room. They all heard him lock the door. The Curtis family sat down cross-legged and took turns eating the stew. "I've never been one who liked deer," Joy said after tasting the dish. "But this is delicious." Isaac barely heard her words. He was staring at her spread crotch. "Damn. Her bush is so dense I can't see her pussy at all. Maybe if I had a better angle." He looked at his sister who was opposite him and chuckled, "Alise is gaping. Her thick lips are separated and I can see pink!" His dick began to grow as his eyes roamed her body. He said to himself, "She's got nice boobs, Not as big as Mom's, but they have a good shape. They aren't too wide apart and her nipples point straight ahead. Mom's sag and she has East-West nips." He had a full-blown erection. He placed his left hand in his lap to hide it. It was his turn to have a bite. He used his right hand to hold the spoon. He scooped up his dinner and put it in his mouth. "Damn! This is good," he said and handed the spoon to his father. Joy saw Isaac's hard dick and said, "Alise, you might want to sit a different, more modest way." "I'm sitting the same way you are." "Yes. But I have hair covering my vagina. You're more exposed. Gyno exam exposed." "If I had clothes I'd be covered," the brat said defiantly. "If I had a chair, I'd sit in it and cross my knees. It's tough to be a prim and proper lady under these circumstances. If my horny, little brother gets a hard-on because he can see my tits and pussy, what the hell am I supposed to do? This is a hard, wooden floor. I'm not going to kneel. Maybe you should make him sit in the corner facing the wall?" She focused her eyes on her brother's face and asked in an angry tone, "Isaac, now that Mom and I are naked, are you going to have a boner all the time?" He blushed and said meekly, "Probably." ^^^ That evening, Garrett sat in his control room and watched the family. He said, "I love seeing their boobs bounce when they walk and I love their curves and sleek bodies. These are two beautiful women. It's a shame I can't possess them." A bell on his phone rang. He checked the message and said out loud, "Ha! I've sold all their dirty clothes. The boy's underwear went for as much as his sister's panties. Fucking perverts! What would I do without them?" He laughed heartily. He heard Alise say, "Dad, will you come with me to the bathroom?" "Sure." She walked to the toilet. Her father followed dragging the chain. She sat and looked off in the distance as she peed. Bill looked away. He heard her flow stop and then, heard the toilet paper holder spin. He assumed she was dabbing herself. "Great!" Alise exclaimed. Everyone looked her way. Alise had a chagrined expression on her face as she said, "My period has started. Dad, would you mind handing me the box of Tampons?" Her father opened the cabinet, grabbed the box, and handed the feminine hygiene product to his daughter. She took one and gave him the rest. She unwrapped it and slipped it inside her. She put the applicator into the wrapper and dropped it in the trash can. She leaned over and looked at her pussy. She grabbed more toilet paper, wiped her messy vulva, dropped it in the toilet, flushed and stood. A string dangled out of her. She went to the sink and washed her hands thoroughly. ^^^When Alise announced she had to pee^^^ Garrett smiled and said, "Alise is going to use the toilet? Ka-Ching. The pee fans will marvel at how close my camera is to her pussy and how clear the video is. Ha! They will pay a lot to see her and her mom tickle." He heard the exchange about her period and said, "Oh. I can double the price. The 'Blood Hounds', those sick bastards that want to see a woman on her period will pay good coin to see her bleed." Garrett glanced at the clock. It was ten o'clock. He looked at the thermostat for the cell and saw the setting drop from 75 degrees to 65. He said, "My guests will be settling down soon. The women will notice the change in temperature and want to cuddle with the guys to stay warm." ^^^ A bit later, Joy said, "Is it getting cold in here?" "I feel it too," Alise said. "It's getting late," Joy said. "Let's go to sleep. Bill, spoon me." "Ditto, Isaac," Alise said. The family lay on the floor in their usual configuration. Isaac put his arm on his sister, put his chest against her back, but kept his hips away from her bum. "What's the deal?" Alise asked. "You're not going to keep my lower half warm?" "I remember your first period. It was a Saturday. You spent the day lying on the family room sofa, moaning in pain, popping Midol pills, and hugging a heating pad to your belly. You yelled at me to leave you alone. I was just sitting in the room watching TV. I wasn't looking at or talking to you. I avoided you the rest of the day." "That was eleven years ago," Alise said. "I was thirteen and you were seven. I don't know if my cramps were worse then or I've gotten used to them." Alise paused and asked, "That was a big day in my life so, of course, I remember it. Why do you?" "That was the day I lost my best friend. After that, suddenly you were too grown up to play with me. You became this bitchy, older sister. I was always doing something wrong in your eyes. You'd yell at me saying I was too loud, stupid, annoying, etc. And you haven't stopped." Alise stared at him blankly. She pulled up some childhood memories and realized he was right. "We did play together as kids and then, I moved on to dance, art, and boys. I left you behind like my Barbie dolls." Isaac said, "I've learned it's best to minimize my time with you and to avoid being around you, especially when you're menstruating. I'm not pressed up against your lower body for fear that if I touch anything down there, I'll cause you pain or my mere presence will annoy you. Either way, I expect you'll yell at me." "Having you touching my butt and the back of my thighs won't affect what's happening inside me. Snuggle up and keep me warm," she said in a soft voice. She added, "I'm sorry for having been such a bitch. I'll try to do better." "If I get an erection, you won't bite my head off?" She giggled and said, "What's with the 'if'? You should have said ' when you get an erection'. That thing is indomitable. And no, little brother, I promise I won't pitch a fit." Isaac moved closer to his sister. He put his hips and thighs against her hips and thighs. He stretched out his arm and wrapped it over her upper body. While he re-positioned himself, Alise thought about what he'd said. She said, "Wow. I've never realized how much of a bitch I've been to you and yet, you've never stopped being nice." She grabbed his hand and brought it to a breast. His hand stiffened and he pulled back when he felt her soft flesh. She placed her hand on his and pushed his hand forward.
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