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Alpharetta, California, United States
About me:
When I saw Toby at school the next afternoon, he walked up and gave me a quick shoulder/side hug. "How are you, man?" he said, quietly. "Horny as hell," I confessed. "Can't think about anything else... I'm not gonna make it to the weekend. Can we get together at your house before then?" I knew his mother was gone a lot, traveling for her job, so it was a good bet to ask. His face lit up. "Sure! Mom leaves tomorrow and won't be back 'til late Sunday. Why don't you just stay at my house through the weekend?" I walked home with Toby the next day, and we talked about the "Monday Night Club" on the way- that's what the thing was called that we'd "joined". He told me that they'd given me a couple of enemas while I was unconscious- to get me 'cleaned out' for fucking... "They always do that before an initiation," he said. "Then, they shower you off and clean everything up. It's gross, but it's worth it- nobody wants to run into a turd in the middle of hot sex." "Definitely," I said. "So, uhh... will you show me how to get cleaned out, Toby? I've never done it..." "As soon as we get to my house..." We closed the door to his bedroom and immediately got naked, both of us with hard-ons. I reached out and wrapped one hand around his, still fascinated by seeing my white hand on his big black cock, then dropped to my knees and started sucking on the head as I stroked it. I was panting and moaning with excitement, barely able to wait for him to come, one hand slowly pumping his massive shaft as the other caressed and kneaded his body, tracing the muscles in his stomach and chest- and his perfect, round, round ass... It didn't take long before I felt his hands tightening on my head. "Here it comes, Emil..." He fucked my face, holding tight to my head while gently moving it back and forth as his come filled my mouth with salty sweetness. I swallowed what I could, but a lot ran down my chin and neck. He licked it off when I stood up, then dropped to his knees and made me come, too. He was much better at it than I was, his soft lips going all the way down onto my cock as he deep-throated the head, his tongue sliding the entire length of the under-side. My knees nearly buckled when I came. "I don't think I can ever do that to you," I said when he stood up. "You're 'way too big." "No worries- it's your ass that really drives me crazy... and I know I can fit in there..." We went into the bathroom to get cleaned out. He had me get on my knees in the tub with my ass in the air, putting the lubed nozzle of a small rubber hose inside me; the other end was attached to what looked like a hot water bottle with about half a pint of lukewarm water in it. Then he opened a clamp on the hose and I could feel the water flowing up into me. He had me hold it inside for a minute, rolling around on my back on the rug to get it as far up inside me as possible before sitting on the toilet to let it out. We each did that until the water that came out of us was clear; then we showered. Back in his room, Toby pulled a joint out of the back of a drawer and we passed it several times, leaning against the bed. "Fuck me first, Toby," I said when we laid down the partly-smoked doobie. Toby chuckled. "Hot for a bbc, white boy?" I grabbed his cock again, pulling him against me. "Fuck me, Toby," I said quietly in his ear. "Come on and fuck your white bitch. She wants it really bad..." "Just hold your horses," he said, chuckling. "It'll take some preparation... you were already pretty well stretched out the other night by the time I got to you, but you're not now... Why don't you start with a dong?" He opened a locked drawer and took out a foot-long rubber cock with a head on both ends. It wasn't quite as big around as he was, but it was about as long; it was the same color as my cock. Then he got a lube tube out, a bottle of silicone and a tub of something called Boy Butter. The name made me laugh. "I like to use both of these," he said. "Now get on your side and pull one leg up." I lay down on my side on his bed. He put some silicone in the tube, slid it into me, emptied it and took it out it; then he smeared the dong with the stuff in the plastic tub and handed it to me. "I'm gonna enjoy watching you, Emil... I want to see my favorite toy go into that supremely fuckable little ass... just take it slow at first... remember- it'll sting some, so don't try to hurry... when it first goes in, jiggling it fast helps the stinging stop..." Soon I was moaning with the dong deep in my ass, my fingertips on the head at the other end. It felt incredibly good, sliding back and forth so far inside me, almost making me forget that there was something else waiting to take its place... "Be careful," Toby warned, chuckling again. "You can lose it up there, and that's no fun; it usually takes a few hours for it to work itself back out." I pulled it out immediately. It was his cock I really wanted, anyway- no chance of losing that one inside me... "Side of the bed, like the other night," he said. I immediately slid over and onto my back, knees up, my ass just off the edge. Toby was smearing Butter on his huge black cock; I was trembling and already breathing hard. He handed me a couple of pillows. "Stuff these under you," he instructed. "This bed's kinda low..." I lifted my hips and quickly jammed them under me, making my ass level with his cock. "Come on, Toby... fuck me... I can't wait... come on, put it in... yeah... ohhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... damn... I forgot how huge you are... ohhhhhhhhhhh... I love it, I love it... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... how much more? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhhh... come on, Toby... ohhhhhh... that's fucking incredible... ohhhhhhunghhhhhhhh..." I thought he was in all the way, standing between my white thighs with his black arms wrapped around them, pulling my ass back onto his cock; but then every time he flexed it inside me somehow it slid in even deeper. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... I love your cock, I love your cock... I love how you fuck me... ohhhhhhhhhh... I'll never get tired of how this feels... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'll always be your ass-fuckin' slut, Toby... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'll never get enough... The more I get, the more I want... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck me... fuck meeeeee..." I reached down with both hands and grabbed his ass, pulling him tight against me as I squirmed on his cock, feeling it moving 'way far up inside. I looked up into his eyes. "Fuck your li'l white bitch, daddy... ohhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhh... I'm your ass-fuckin' slut, Toby... I'm a slave to this cock so far up in my ass... ohhhhhhh... keep on fuckin' your white boy, daddy... ohhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh... I love your cock... I love your cock, Toby... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee..." Toby chuckled some more... "You've got a sweet, tight little ass, Emil... and I love watchin' my cock slidin' in and out between those round white cheeks... it's too hot, though... damn it... I'm gonna come... ohhhhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Toby grabbed my hipbones and pulled me against him as tight as he could, his eyes rolling back in his head as I felt him shoot and shoot inside me. I squirmed and squeezed with my anal muscle as best I could, holding onto his ass with both hands. At last he relaxed and pulled out of me, still half-hard and huge, the entire shaft glistening with a coating of lube and come. He handed me a small towel and headed for the bathroom. "Be right back," he said. When he climbed back on the bed, I was leaning on the pillows up against the headboard. He got between my legs and started sucking me, looking up at me while my cock quickly rose to hardness in his mouth. "Ohhhh... that's goood," I said softly. "Suck that cock, boy... Show me how much you love it... Show me how much you looove to suck white cock..." Toby's eyes closed and his mouth went down onto my cock, his face against my stomach as he deep-throated me. Then he raised back up. "I want this in my ass," he said, stroking my now rock-hard pink cock with his black hand. "I want you to fuck me. C'mon, Emil- I need to be fucked..." Soon, he was lying on his side, moaning, driving the long pink dong between his black cheeks; I was running my hand over the amazing round smoothness of his butt. "How do you want me, Emil?" he said, his voice low and husky. "Just like you just did me," I answered. "Edge of the bed." He removed the dong and grabbed the pillows, stuffing them under him. I was in him in no time, my pink cock sliding into his dark brown ass as I held onto his thighs and slowly pulled him against me. He looked up at me through half-lidded eyes, moaning. "Fuck my nigger ass..." he half-whispered. "What did you say, boy? I couldn't hear you..." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... Fuck my nigger ass! Fuck me!" I immediately pulled out and rolled him over, off the pillows and onto his stomach, his round black ass sticking out over the edge of the bed; I lifted his right thigh so his knee was on the mattress and then drove my cock back inside him with a long, slow thrust. He moaned, squealed and pushed back against me, squeezing my cock with his anal muscle again and again as it slid inside, writhing and moaning the whole time, his hands gripping the sheets as he pushed up against me, onto my cock. My hands were on his waist, just above his hipbones as I pulled him back tighter, flattening his dark globes against me. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's goooooood, Emil... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... fuck meeeee..." I drove down into him with my hips, pulling him back harder and flexing my cock inside him. "Oooooohhhh... ohhhhhhhhh... fuck... fuck... fuck meeeeee... ohhhhhhhhhhh..." he squealed and moaned, squirming and gasping, the twin spheres of his ass practically glowing. Suddenly I understood why Ricky had slapped my ass the other night, and I raised my hand and slapped both of Toby's cheeks hard. Whap! Whap! "Move, whore!" I said with barely restrained volume. "Show me how much you appreciate me fuckin' your black ass, boy... Now, move!" Whap! Whap! Toby twisted, rolled, and pushed his ass up against me, moaning and whimpering. "Ohhhh... fuck my black ass, daddy... please fuck me.. ohhhhhhhhhhh... Hit me again, daddy, hit me again..." Whap! Whap! "Ohhhhhhhh... I need that, I need it... fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... ohhhhhhhh..." I was holding onto his shoulders now as I drove my cock as deep as I could; he was squirming and pushing back, still moaning and whimpering. "Come in my ass... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... shoot your come in my nigger ass, daddy... ohhhhhhhhhhh... come in me, Emil... come in me..." My orgasm exploded, and I pumped come into him again and again, holding his ass tight against me. Neither one of us moved, except for his sphincter milking the base of my pulsing cock, until I slowly pulled out of him. "That was amazing, Toby," I said as we lay up against the headboard. "No shit," he agreed. He re-lit the joint and passed it to me. "How'd you like to meet some friends of mine?" he asked, looking at me cautiously. "They're really sweet, gentle guys... I already told them I have a friend who's white..." I looked at him and smiled. "Already pimpin' me out, huh, Toby?" We both laughed. "Well, I appreciate it, my friend... If they're your friends, I'll love 'em... I just got all loose inside when you asked me that. C'mon, Toby, let's go- I'd like to meet these guys..."
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