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I am a full-time tourist for 3 years now. Consuming chocolate is every kid's joy, but chocolate's fascination started for me in Costa Roca. The natural charm of it is astounding, specifically with Cocoa trees growing all around beaches, cottages otherwise swallowed up by tropical rain forest. I never ever believed any other place will ever bewitch me like this until I saw Alentejo, Portugal. A marvelous summertime and a nest of tourists thrive in Vila Nova de Milfontes, which can best be referred to as 'Surf capital.' Its rich shoreline is always under siege by 'Internet users,' 'Navigators' from all around the world flocking in the paradise. High-profile people besides their private Ocean bask and tan. They breathe the salt of the Ocean. It's a sun and sea celebration in summer season for visitors, but not all are the masters of the surf, and I am uncertain if they ever questioned what other world lies beyond the shining waves. The fantastic variety of life here is ruled by cold and heat, darkness, and light but by tides, currents, and storms. Partygoers from Germany, Belgium get drawn in to its bars and nightclubs, and families look for a practical getaway with an assisting hand from '' They provide surf lessons and Alentejo browse camp if you have an interest in getting a taste of the culture and the beach's unusual nature.
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