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Brooklyn, NY, United States
Artist & Entrepreneur
I loan because:
I care.
About me:
I am an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. My works are often social-political driven. In 2015 I created an art project called "Make It Rain". It consists of a limited circulation of 100,000 custom designed and printed currency called ∄MIR. The ∄MIR currency is strapped in 50 counts with a total quantity of 2,000 bundles available for purchase. The general public are provided an “investment opportunity” to trade U.S. dollars in exchange for this new currency. The initial exchange rate is $1 USD to ∄1 MIR. 25% of each ∄MIR sold will be used as sustainable loans to help entrepreneurs in developing world through the non-profit Check out the project page: Besides making arts I am also an entrepreneur. I co-founded a crownfunding platform called My wife and I also owned a tiny little wine shop called The Winey Neighbor in Brooklyn (
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Aug 27, 2007
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