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How to change router’s WiFi password or SSID? Changing the default router password is step one in securing your WiFi community from intruders. Although the way of changing the router password varies from router manufacturers, the overall idea is the identical so you can take the steerage from the following steps to get the simple concept. Change WiFi Password: Open a web browser and input the IP deal with of your router along with 192.168.Zero.1 or Login to the net-primarily based totally totally admin interface using your username and password. Most routers have a default username of admin and password of admin/password. Locate Wireless Settings and navigate to the Wireless Security net web page. If no longer already, switch on the “WPA/WPA2” protection option, and within the Password field input the password of your choice. Now click Save to use the changes. Once the adjustments are completed your router will reboot mechanically and your WiFi receives disconnected. Use the modern-day WiFi password as distinctive to re-connect with the network.
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