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In New York State, DWI includes a very large punishment range. These can range between permit suspensions to revocations of 3 months or up to year. The Court Surcharges can range between $260.00 (for a DWAI) and several hundreds more for a DWI. The fines can add the hundreds of dollars to the thousands as well. Punishments range from years of probation where you cannot drink alcohol or become around anyplace serving it for years. The circumstances of your probation is often as wide obviously. If your plea bargain is not properly negotiated, you could end up with some overly severe conditions. Good negotiations can help you avoid having a deep lung device (ignition interlock device) attached to your car. This is an apparatus that requires you to blow into it to start your vehicle, and periodically while generating. If you have friends or business associates in your car, it could be quite embarrassing. Not to mention, it costs about $70 monthly to monitor... a price paid by YOU. Through the years, it can cost you thousands. Additional conditions on your probation could be large amounts of community assistance, costing you money when you are not working. Another, and most important consideration is that if you plead guilty, you have 100% chance of being found guilty and having a DWI conviction on your own record. NY State has no Expungement law which means that your DWI record will stay with you for life. Sometimes, you have the opportunity to be found not liable at trial, which isn't necessarily the same thing as being found innocent. If your privileges had been violated, etc., a trial is normally the only chance that you should keep this off your record. You could even have the chance of being discovered guilty to the reduced charge of DWAI, which is a traffic infraction. What it boils right down to is that even though you are guilty, you still need a good DWI attorney to ensure that you understand your choices and are treated fairly.
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