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Brooklyn, New York, United States
Social Worker
I loan because:
I care about people and families around the world. I would like to create a climate of peace and goodwill toward all on loan at a time, one family at a time, one person at a time!
About me:
I am a licensed social worker from Brooklyn NY working toward creating peace on Earth one family at a time one loan at a time. So far I personally have made 904 loans since 11/17/2011. I hope to break the 1000 loans mark by 11/17/2023. I was working as a social worker in a nursing home for 23 years. I recently retired due to the Covid19 Pandemic. I recently started a new business leading online parenting workshops, courses, book clubs, discussion groups and classes. my website address is I have also worked in the past to help homeless people find housing. I worked with children, parents, and foster parents involved in the NYC foster care system. I am trying to promote green projects and sustainability to help mankind survive at a fragile time despite our great technological advances. Please help people to help the world. Please email me at or I look forward to hearing from you. Please join my team.
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Sep 4, 2011
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