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Who doesn't wish to look gorgeous? After I had kids, I couldn't pay attention to myself. As a result, I started having aging marks, hair fall, and skin problems. When I look stunning, I feel more positive. And I saw that my self-confidence was getting reduced day by day. I think the missing part about my appeal was visible too. So, I was amazed when my kids shocked me with a consultation at Skinlash for facial treatment. Anyhow, I was needed it. I could not extra time for myself. But, the consultation day was mine. So, I visited the location. When I returned from Skinlash, my kids and partner were so delighted with my makeover. They said I was looking so lovely beyond their imagination. I went through intensive facial treatment, hair elimination, and eyelash extension treatment. Even when I looked at myself, I mored than happy to see old me. I was a working woman. But then I relied on the family and could not take care of myself. But, my kids assisted me bring the old me back. And, I was so delighted with their surprise. Likewise, Skinlash is worthy of gratitude, and a big thank you for this makeover. I'm so pleased with their service.
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Sep 20, 2021
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